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7 Minutes
I have to protect my children no matter what.
They are my entire life.

Edith is a single mother of four children who works hard every day to supply for her family and spend time with them. It's never easy but every day is worth it. However, things start to get strange at night and perhaps it's more than just her imagination. When an earthquake happens and a monster appears in the house it's up to Edith to find her children and get out safely.

Face Edith's blight against the monster and maybe you'll find out things aren't as they seem.

**Made for the Kill the Cutie event
**This game is mostly event based with little gameplay inbetween
**Lets plays are allowed but you must include the end room audio explaining the game as per respect of the creator

Latest Blog

Final Version Changes!

The final version of 7 Minutes is now up! Below are the list of changes:

Hidden for spoilers to those who haven't played the game:

Bug Fixes:
-Fixed it where the monster will appear in the chase scene before the text box
telling you to go to your bedroom instead of after, making it harder to outrun him and awkward to see him standing still behind you.
-Fixed it where the hide & seek game cannot be activated with Penny and Megan after the first chase which also caused them to appear in the living room for the rest of the game.
-The final room is no longer dark.
-Fixed the flashlight animation when it's on the ground to not blink weirdly.
-A blood splatter in the laundry room after Ronnie's death would move after you left the first time, it now stays in the correct spot.

-I edited the scene in Sophia's death to make it look nicer and smoother, the fade out before the sprite change looked awkward. I also spaced out some of the timing before voice clips so it didn't feel rushed.
-I edited some of the wait times in certain scenes so it didn't feel too slow or too fast.
-The arrows pointing towards the hidden light switches now stay until you turn the lights off instead of disappearing when you exit the map.
-I edited the final cutscene to fit my vision more, I think it looks and feels nicer even though I cut a little bit of text out.
-Door events now work without having to move up and back down to activate it, making it easier for transition.
-Added new music for the game over screen and final cutscene.
-Changed the titlescreen to a custom menu
-You can no longer save during a chase which made it impossible to outrun the monster when you loaded it.
-Fixed many grammatical errors.

Thanks to Frogge for the suggestions of changes such as the door event.
Thanks to Coelocanth for helping me do all this quickly in time for Liberty's stream.
Thanks to Ozzy for putting in the titlescreen for me to save me time.
Thanks to all of those who reported bugs including LordBlueRogue, GourdClae and Frogge.

This game has received *amazing* reception since it's release despite some of the bugs. I'm extremely happy with how it came out myself but I didn't expect the amount of love it's getting. It really *really* means a lot to me, I am glad that the game was enjoyable and impactful. In the future I'll work to make more games just like this. Thank you to everyone who has played the game and supported me.


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You're magical to me.
This game rocked me to my core. No Joke. I was not expecting this. Really powerful stuff here.
Reminded me a lot of the late PS2 game Rule of Rose. This is a short, but incredibly meaningful experience,
the type of game Rpgmaker was truly made for.

Please make more games like this Muffles.
I've been around RMN for more than 10 years.
This is the type of game I wanted to see more of.
Ahh-- Thank you so much! That means so much to me you have no idea! I'm glad the game was enjoyable!
I just finished this it is really good, Muffle!

Thoughts (big huge mondo spoilers)
The structure of the game is great. When I was turning off the lights I was super uncomfy. The bits where the family is hanging out is so endearing and I love the music choice. The graphics were very nice too - I was constantly amazed at how nice everything looked given the time limit.

Big kudos to the auto-prompting to save before all the chases. I was never frustrated by the game even though the chase-y kinda games can get that way.

The game was super solid all the way through, but it was especially interesting story-wise when I learned of the context behind the story. I'm super sorry for your loss! The lizards are beautiful.

I have like some really interesting thoughts right now about creative mediums being used as therapy and the way stories meant for this are constructed. So, thank you a ton for that! I was not expecting cool brain thoughts but I'm glad you gave them to me

When I went back to the kids' previous hiding spots after the monster appeared it replayed the scenes from finding them the first time and then they appeared in the living room for the rest of the game.

Right after escaping the monster for the first time, he can be seen in the darkness of the hallway, but in like, a debug way I guess is the best way to describe it. he doesn't look like he should be there.

Playstation is spelled wrong and that same textbox has some other issues you might want to look at!

uh and I feel like there were some other things, but that's everything I can remember.

I really enjoyed myself. This is a game you should be proud of for sure!
Thank you everyone! Just uploaded the final version of the game. Should be completely bug free now.
This game does a really great job at story telling and building the plot. I honestly expected it to be rather simple but the revelations at the end made me guess until all was revealed in the end. I actually recorded footage of my playthrough of the game and would like to know if it would be okay with you if I uploaded it to my YouTube channel. I will leave all your credits in the vid and will link your game in the description. I'm still rather small tho lol
Please post it! I'd love to see it!
Here are my thoughts on the game!

Story: 5/5
The many diverse and short moments I spent with the children were effective to build attachment. There are a few odd details in the scenes that made me wonder if the events and characters weren’t symbolical of something else, and I think that was nicely done.
The post-credit testimony is like a “bonus content” explanation of what the game is really about, and in the end, despite the horrible events that I had played, the game left me with a feeling of empathy.
A very personal, creative and touching project.

Gameplay: 3/5
The difficulty started high and ended low, which I think is a misstep. The first chase is brutally difficult and I died about 10 times, which broke the flow of the game a bit.
The first QTE is also the most difficult of the two due to the short time limit. I finished the second QTE with 10 seconds to spare, and the second chase was easier now that I was familiar with the house’s layout and accustomed to the running speed.
Since the trials became progressively easier, it did give me some hope that I could save the last victims, so maybe that’s a positive result depending on what your intention was regarding the gameplay.

Overall: 8/10
In one word: Feels ;_;
It is a pretty nice game and I echo everything that Avee said.
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