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WARNING: This game contains implicit violence, disturbing images and strong language.


Hazel is a game design college student who suffers from chronic nightmares and has searched high and low for a way to stop them, to no avail. One night, she receives a strange message on Discord Hootiscord about someone who can help her: "the dream drinker". It turns out that this strange helper is in fact a dream-specialized demon called Reed, who makes contracts with humans to take care of their nightmares in exchange for some of their dreams. Will Hazel go through with the deal?

Important for Mac users!

Due to Apple having issues with programs that aren't made by them, the developer needed to include a plugin that allows you to save the game regardless. Because of this, your save files won't be inside the game folder but rather in the Library. Once you save at least once, if you wish to see your save files, go to Library --> Application Support --> Default\The Dream Drinker (the files may be outside of the folder but they'll be right below it so you can go ahead and move them inside).

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Was anyone else misled by the thumbnail? XD
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