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I'm not really sure what I really want to do with this game, but this demo basically shows some of the core mechanics and gameplay.

Violence or pacifism, choose wisely as your decisions are drastic for better or worse. You can use melee weapons or guns to do your business, both which use scarce resources, so it's important to choose your battles wisely as you may approach a situation unprepared. Combat is dangerous, escape if you can. Play as a part-time mercenary doing wet-work for shady types of people. CJ wants you to get a package for him, but it's not that straight forward. Eventually you may get yourself into a situation you weren't paid to be in. New York is a strange place currently, the police have disappeared and local extremists took arms to take over the city.

There's two quests that intertwine in one instance, so it's a little complex. Making the dialogue right was probably one of biggest challenges for me. I've been working on this for a couple weeks, it might take you five to ten minutes or longer to finish depending on what you do. It's short but I want feedback before I go further. Expect to maybe find some bugs. Please tell me your experience and thank you.

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