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Soldaria and Senecia, two nations separated by a narrow sea. Most citizens in Canaburg, the capital of Soldaria, have been brought up to believe that the war that they have with Senecia has been going on for the last thirty years, but Sophie has reason beyond doubt that this is all but a lie. Finding a report in the government archives confirms her suspicion about a “meteor” which had crashed in their territory recently. Knowing what this means, she and her group of friends head to Senecia to try to warn them of this plan which is to be carried out against them.

Based on the original Rpg Maker 2003 game, “A Celestial Weapon: MV Edition” features new dialogue, a more detailed plot, more detailed cities and towns, new skills for Tania, who's no longer a one-trick pony, along with the benefits that a more recent entry in the Rpg Maker series gives to the game.

Special thanks to Mr.Nemo on rpgmaker.net for his constructive criticism on the original game. This is what prompted me to improve the dialogue in this new edition, and this has led to new elements to the plot that I’ll also be introducing.

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Minor graphical update

Hi everyone

Just a small update to A Celestial Weapon: MV Edition.

Thanks to a plugin that I found on Steam, the characters and NPCs are no longer chibi in appearance. They now more like Rpg Maker 2000 / 2003 proportions, characters now look more like they're sitting on chairs, etc.

Might put some new images up in the future but nothing planned.


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  • MoonWolfV
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  • 11/14/2020 09:32 AM
  • 03/09/2023 05:56 AM
  • 01/18/2021
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Just started playing you game and found when you fight General Fletchers Sophie shoots herself instead of the enemy - is this supposed to happen?
I've tested the battle (in game, not in the editor), and everything seems to be running as it should.

Sophie shouldn't have shot herself, but I don't know how this happened. A character can target themselves, this could've been the case, but I don't think so.

She could've been aiming at another enemy that had just been killed, and the program assigned Sophie to be the target. I think this is the most likely thing that happened. Look out with items as well, make sure to check who the character is targeting. The battles are turn based so you don't need to hurry with the commands.
It happened again when I was at the meteor site, this time everyone targeted themselves but when I closed the game and restarted the problem stopped. It seems to be a random occurance.
I'm glad that saving and then reloading seemed to help with the problem. I don't know what's causing this, as when I tested it from beginning to end, I didn't encounter anything like this.

Bear in mind that a lot of plugins are present in this game, some involving the targeting of enemies and allies, so this could be causing this glitch at times.
At what level does Heather learn 'fire all'?
She learns a few spells which target all enemies, but "fire all" etc, aren't these. She only gets "fire all" when her HP is at critical levels. I've sent you a PM with further details. Not shown here, as this would probably be considered spoilers.
I don't know if this a bug or something but after I defeated Mr.b and into hafl dialogue there's a notification that said Mr.b corpse not found (or something like that)
It's a bug. I didn't realise the image file was missing. I've put a file "Bryson Dead" in the downloads which you can then put in to the following location. This will save you having to play through the whole game again just to get to this point. The main download has also been fixed.

A Celestial Weapon > www > img > characters

This should fix the problem, but please get back to me, and let me know if it helped you or not.

I appreciate the feedback.
I'm a few hours in and have been enjoying the game so far. Skills that are only available if HP fall under a certain threshold, that's an interesting mechanic. Jared's skill "Miracle Machine" (heals HP and MP of the party over time if successful) probably falls in this category, too - I was surprised at first when the skill suddenly disappeared, but that most likely happened because I had given him a Potion (which also made the battle sprite's "critical HP glow" disappear).

Unfortunately, it seems "Miracle Machine" can only target the enemy party, not the player's party, so I have to refrain from using it (unless I'll encounter undead enemies later that can be harmed by healing them).
Thanks for bringing this up, I didn't realise it targeted all enemies instead of all allies. This has now been fixed, and the download has been updated.

Thanks Prajna
Thanks for the quick fix, I can confirm that the skill works as intended now, even though I didn't have any use for the skill anymore after having leveled up to maximum level (99) during my first visit on the Senecian continent. :D Well, it wasn't really necessary, but it's certainly a good idea at this point to at least obtain "Safeguard Rings" for everyone.

I just completed my playthrough, and I can gladly state it's another good game made by you. Compared to "Saving the Planet: 90's Style" and "Standard Disney Fare", I enjoyed this one even a bit more, since it felt more like a classic JRPG (and because I still prefer MV over MZ games). If I didn't know better, though, I would think the game's title referred to Heather's skill "Meteor Shower", which I spammed ad infinitum. ;)

Unfortunately, I'm still missing a few bestiary entries, and given that access to two dungeons is cut off permanently over the course of the game, I'm afraid I will have to live with the shame of an incomplete bestiary. Still, I'm curious where the following monsters could be or could have been encountered (my playthrough lasted nearly 40 hours, because I fought so many battles, so maybe these monsters should appear more frequently, or perhaps they don't appear at all):
- Between "Steam Dragon" and "Zapper"
- Between "Vacbot" and "Shadow Blade"
- Between "Robo Sentry" and "Shield Projector V.2"
- Between "Shield Projector V.2" and "Cattle Prod"
- The three entries between "Magic Pest" and "Departed Guard"
- Right of "Sphinx" (final entry), might or might not be reserved for the final boss.

I also encountered some (potential) bugs/oversights, so you might be up for another "probably last" update. :)

- When pressing Esc at green Save Crystals, the "Shelter" option is chosen instead of the "Cancel" option.

- Heather was supposed to learn "Emergency Exit" after reaching level 34 (but she didn't).

- It shouldn't be possible to target party members when using Tania's steal skills (when doing so, the game crashes).

- Vincent's skills "Death Strike", "Toxic Gas" and "Dragon Breath" shouldn't be usable from the menu.

- Vincent's Gravity skills "Gravity Field" and "Black Hole" probably shouldn't have the element of his equipped weapon attached (at least it's not fun to accidentally heal an enemy for 25% or 50% of its maximum HP, even though damage is capped at 9999).

- The counters for (most) status conditions don't decrease after a turn has passed, which makes units inflicted with Sleep totally helpless (although this issue largely works to the player's favor)

- Some items aren't consumed when making the related bullets (like Dense Globe or Blood Fang).

- The exchange 1 Arctic Ring for 99 Frozen Shots doesn't work.

- Canaburg: When leaving the equipment shop, the player is placed at the entrance of the building right next to the equipment shop.

- Sequence breaking (Canaburg): The scene in Vincent's apartment triggers even if the player hasn't visited Sophie's house before.

- Dam west of Canaburg: On the map that contains the code-protected treasure chest, the door/passage in the lower left corner (where the party originally comes from) loops with itself instead of leading back (although there's still a way back, since the whole dungeon is constructed like a circle).

- The same looping back issue occurs in the cave leading to Canaburg, second version only (door/passage north of the two treasure chests that contain 5x Full Potion and 1x Focus Band in the cave's second version), so the player can't go back the way he came from, and there's only a short time frame later to revisit the dungeon. At least this issue isn't game-breaking if the player returns here after the second Canaburg visit, because the player can still open the elevator door in the laboratory from the outside (but still not from the inside, which doesn't make sense). If the looping issue is fixed, it can be made so that the elevator door can't be opened from the outside for the sake of consistency (until the location can't be accessed anymore later).

- Canaburg, government office (second time around onwards): The receptionist says that General Felchers hasn't been seen in days, but she can still be encountered on the fourth floor until the end of the game (same spot and dialogue as during the first visit at the beginning of the game).

- The space station's shop sells two different (identical) Sunlight items.

- The "Explosive Device" isn't removed from the inventory (key items section) after having been used.

- Adelburg (after returning from the Heliobeam): Captain David, Dr. Marshall and Cheryl don't feature updated dialogue immediately (Cheryl's not even present), but only after the party realizes in Bilfurt that their usual means of transportation can't be used this time.

- Crater dungeon (where the party encountered Uncle Williams for the first time): The party still can't venture into the dungeon beyond a certain point after returning from the Heliobeam, even though the person that once was the reason for this restriction isn't a threat anymore at this point.

- Sagarisk: It's possible to permanently lose (access to) the ship by entering the city from the north side (via the pier) or from the right side (directly from the ship). Not game-breaking (since the end-game takes place on the Soldarian continent), but very inconvenient (since the player loses access to everything besides the Soldarian continent).

- Canaburg, government office (after returning from the Heliobeam): If the cutscene on the highest floor isn't triggered by walking over the central trigger tile, the game freezes (game-breaking). When triggering the cutscene by walking over the left or right trigger tile, for some reason, the secretary returns and gets stuck behind Circe, which doesn't happen when walking over the central trigger tile.
I don't know how many times I've used the word "last" in my updates. Maybe I shouldn't even bother with the word anymore.

Anyway, thanks for the notes Prajna, I'll make another thorough play-through of the game sometime soon, and address these issues.

Relating to your questions about the enemy encounters, you were right on most of these suspicions that the enemies don't exist in the game.

  • Between Steam Dragon & Zapper (This was an enemy meant to be like the scanner enemies in Final Fantasy IV. I decided that it was more complicated than I could be bothered with, but neglected to take it out of the data. It never appeared as an enemy)
  • Between Vacbot & Shadowblade (This is an optional, pretty well hidden boss battle in the dam. Look carefully in the room with all the waterfalls.)
  • Between Robo Sentry & Shield Projector V.2 (Similar situation as the first one. There was also a potential encounter with a Bunsen Dragon which wasn't included in the encounter list for the heliobeam areas.
  • Between Magic Pest and Departed Guard (Two of these were for two situations against the final boss. If you find his ultimate weapon, it gives a slightly different ecounter, than if you don't. The other encounter "Death Dealer" does exist, and is found in the manor.
  • The last one, to the right of Sphinx is an optional fight. This is to get Heather's ultimate weapon.
Thanks for helping me tie up loose ends. :)

I found the "Death Dealer" rather quick, even though I had wandered the mansion for a much longer time before without encountering him, but I guess they're called random encounters for a reason. At least the "Death Dealer" is finally a random mob from which "Bone Charms" can be stolen, although they are rather useless at this point. :P

Missing the "Swift Fish" is totally on me. I was sure I had checked all of the holes near the waterfalls, but there's no denying I somehow screwed up here.

I was wondering why I had found an "Ancient Axe" I couldn't use anymore at this point. It's actually a great idea to implement different final boss fights based on whether one has obtained this weapon or not, and I was under the impression I got a good (the better) ending.

Thanks for reminding me of Heather's ultimate weapon. I even made a screenshot of that note in the pyramid and totally forgot about it when I couldn't decipher it immediately, but I was finally able to connect the dots and find/beat the Forgotten Warrior. Nevertheless, it's more ornament than weapon, because "Meteor Shower" still rules supreme. :D
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