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The following is a list of the prominent characters in "A Celestial Weapon: MV Edition"

Playable Characters


The main character in "A Celestial Weapon: MV Edition". A conspiracy theorist who has proof that the war the government has been going on about for years, is a complete sham. After convincing Vincent to help her get access to the government archives, she finds that her suspicions about this alleged "Meteor" which touched down south of Canaburg are correct.

Sophie's crisis mode allows her to fire 2 - 9 times in a row.


A fine warrior, and a friend of Sophie's. He shares her opinions on the war, and has seen the evidence with his own eyes. He's been approached by General Felchers in the past, but he rebuffed her offer to have a position in the military, as he doesn't want to work with a woman like her.

James' crisis mode increases his normal attack power by x3.


An ex-employee of the Soldarian government in Canaburg. He lost his job after General Felchers caught him, Sophie, and James in the archives, where he had no reason to be, with it being clear that Sophie and James couldn't have gotten in there on their own. A short while after escaping the government buildings, Vincent gains the ability to use Blue Magic.

Vincent's crisis mode allows him to cast his magic with 0 MP cost.


Another skeptic of the government, except he and his girlfriend, Heather, got caught. He's found in the justice department by Sophie and the others. His talent lies in the mechanical devices he's constructed, which can cast status ailments during battles.

Jared's crisis mode ensures that his skills always hit with 100% accuracy.


Jared's girlfriend. She and Jared were taken to the justice department when they were caught, but Richards shortly handed her over to Hawser. While he had her in an induced coma, he performed amoral experiments on her, which resulted in her developing magical powers. When he noticed this, he quickly tried to dispose of her, before she could awaken and aim them at him. These experiments have also drastically affected her temperament. Previously being kind and even tempered, she now tends to get angry easily.

Heather's crisis mode allows her to aim her spells at all enemies.


The head of the hospital based in the government building in Canaburg. He applied for his leave, in order to satisfy his curiosity about the "meteor" which had landed. He's encountered by Sophie and the others, when they investigate the impact site. When finding out that if he returns to Canaburg, he'd have to suffer the pressure of having General Felchers having even more power than usual, he decides to extend his leave and joins forces with Sophie and the others.

Richard's crisis mode allows his medical skills to target all allies.


An amateur thief who has been operating in Sagarisk. She makes the mistake of trying to steal Sophie's phone. Once caught by her, Sophie vouches for her, taking responsibility for her future actions, which results in Tania teaming up with them. Has a range of thief, and other abilities.

Tania's crisis mode lets her mix two items together, to make a stronger effect, usually unattainable by other means.

Soldarian Ministers

Mr. B

The current ruler of the militaristic nation of Soldaria. His father was the one who started the revolution which forcibly seized control of the kingdom of Verony, from the royal family. They didn't get a chance to resist, and were simply shot on the spot. He will be the ruler of Soldaria until he dies.

General Jodie Felchers

The beautiful Minister of Defense in Soldaria. A talented swordmaster, soldier, and well known for her good looks, in Soldaria and abroad, sadly, this is as far as it goes for her. She only cares about keeping the idea of a war going in Canaburg, just so she can have her ultimate goal of destroying Senecia. There's no reason for this, except for her own ego. She's known about Sophie for a long time, but Sophie doesn't know about it.


The cruel, callous, and sadistic Minister of Justice in Soldaria. His domain is officially know as the Justice Department, but really, it's nothing more than a prison and torture chambers.

Dr. Hawser

The brilliant, but amoral scientist who works for the Soldarian government. His general approach seems to be the "Just because I can" mindset. His experiments generally tend to have a way of either coming back to haunt him, or having some results which he didn't see coming.

Uncle Williams

The oldest member of the Soldarian government. His pet project over the years has been the hydroelectric dam which provides Soldaria with electricity. The only member of the Soldarian government who can be considered "decent", and who actually cares about the people, Uncle Williams, is in return, well loved by the people of Canaburg. With the way events are unfolding, he feels as though he's having the rug pulled out from under him.

Senecian Ministers

President Sofia Richmont

The well loved president of Senecia. She occasionally makes the decision which causes her ministers to wonder what she's thinking, but most of the time, she takes the counsel of her ministers to heart.

Captain David

The Senecian Minister of Defense. He keeps a close eye on their borders, and is always on the look out for suspicious activity. It may look like it's relatively vulnerable, but he's got Senecia well protected in the event that General Felchers would try anything.

Dr. Marshal

The Senecian Minister of Science and Technology. He is good friends with Captain David, and often works with him, developing new systems to protect their country.


President Sofia's Minister of Foreign Affairs. She's very intuitive, mostly knowing that she can pick up more just by listening and observing, as opposed to talking. She often sees problems well ahead of everyone else.



The leader of Hawser's feminine race he created. She's really no different that the rest of them, but the others consider her as their leader. After Hawser's demise, she comes to be the head of Sophie's armed forces.