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Minor graphical update

Hi everyone

Just a small update to A Celestial Weapon: MV Edition.

Thanks to a plugin that I found on Steam, the characters and NPCs are no longer chibi in appearance. They now more like Rpg Maker 2000 / 2003 proportions, characters now look more like they're sitting on chairs, etc.

Might put some new images up in the future but nothing planned.




Weapon and armour overhaul

Hi everyone

I've upgraded the weapons and armour in A Celestial Weapon: MV Edition. It now follows the same pattern as my other recent games, being based on percentages, and roughly each upgrade doubling in strength.

This now means normal attacks are now a viable option, especially at the end of the game, where 4000 damage is now about the norm for most party members. Chest armour now boosts physical defense, and helmets increase magical defense.




New update

Thanks to Prajna for pointing out the errors and bugs which have now been fixed.

  • Steal no longer freezes the game. This was caused by two plugins which have now been removed. This has meant that the ability to use healing magic and items on enemies has now had to be removed to solve the issue regarding stealing items.

  • When cancelling at a save point, it no longer defaults to using a shelter.

  • Heather no longer learns emergency exit, she now learns Dimensional Beam (low chance of instantly killing all enemies). Emergency Exit was removed as Vincent has a skill which is identical to it.

  • Vincent's "Death Strike", "Toxic Gas" and "Dragon Breath" are now only usable in battle.

  • Vincent's gravity skills are now "non elemental" meaning that they won't accidentally heal enemies.

  • Most status conditions now end based on the number of turns passed, not actions. Sleep no longer lasts eternally.

  • Issues regarding items not being consumed when crafting bullets has been fixed. The issue relating to the Arctic Ring = 99 Frozen Shot has been fixed.

  • The scene in Vincent's apartment has been fixed. Sophie's place has to be visited first.

  • The doors which loop in the Dam and the return journey to the Canaburg Caves have been fixed.

  • General Felchers is no longer in her office when you return to Canaburg.

  • The shop at the space station has been fixed. Only one "sunlight" is sold now.

  • The explosive device from Dr. Marshall and Captain David is now removed from the inventory once used.

  • Issues regarding Cheryl, Captain David, and Dr. Marshall's dialogue has been fixed.

  • After Uncle William's Death and General Felchers absence from Canaburg, the impact crater is fully accessible again.

  • Issues regarding the ship have been fixed. You can't trap yourself with it, as the piers to Worton and Sagarisk have now been blocked off (They can't be landed at)

  • The scene with Circe at the return to Canaburg after the felling of Felchers' heliobeam no longer causes freezing.


  • A training arena now exists in Canaburg, usually exclusively for Aviettes, but Circe has made sure that Sophie and her friends are welcome.

  • A small cut-scene has been added just prior to the final battle. Ties up a loose end regarding a certain matter brought up at the beginning of the game, and which was also discussed with Circe.


"Miracle Machine" now heals allies, not enemies

Hi everyone

I've been informed that Jared's miracle machine skill didn't work as advertised. It was meant to heal all allies, not all enemies.

This has now been fixed, and the download has been updated.

Cheers, MoonWolfV


New update, probably the last

Hi everyone

I've just updated A Celestial Weapon: MV edition. Here's a list of the major changes.

  • Enemies from Sagarisk onwards now have double the HP.

  • Spell formulas have been changed around. They roughly double in power when going from low,moderate,strong,very strong, extreme in their descriptions. Hence the reason that I doubled the enemies HP so they still pose a challenge. This has also made some enemies who use the same spells as Heather and Vincent to be much more serious threats.

  • Sophie's bullets are actually useful now. They are, at the very least, slightly less powerful than Heather's mid tier spells. The ones which are more unique than just the run of the mill fire/ice/lightning are generally more powerful.

  • New armour. This makes sure that everybody has an upgraded piece of armour available when it comes to buying new equipment.

  • Some music has been changed. I was planning to put this up on Steam but a much needed plug-in isn't allowed to be used for commercial games, this was after I'd changed all the music, etc. So yeah, the game has new music in some places.

  • A thank you to TheRpgMakerAddict for his comment in the review for the original game about the "Blue Magic/Final Fantasy thing. Vincent's skill is now called "Studies", just to try for a little originality.

  • A new title screen. Having decided that I'm simply not that great at drawing on a computer, I've decided to go with a new, compiled approach. The legal text at the bottom is due to the fact that I was planning on putting this on Steam.


Just updated the Dark Armour, Dragon Armour, and Blood Armour. Their order of defensive value goes from the Aviette Armour - Dark Armour, Dragon Armour, Blood Armour. Blood Armour now gives the 50% chance to inflict confusion, and a 25% chance to inflict fascination.

Hope you enjoy the fully completed version of A Celestial Weapon: MV Edition!




Fix to inn in Worton

Just fixed up the inn in Worton. I didn't realise it sent you back to Sagarisk if you stayed there.

I'm currently recording game play videos and I just found this out.

Hopefully this hasn't been causing people too many problems.




Final Update

Hi everyone

I've recently done a play-through of the game just to pick up on any errors and glitches which I wasn't aware of.

Because of this, quite a few small errors have been found (typos, characters for a scene in Canaburg that weren't supposed to be there until later on, being able to go back to Senecia once you had your ship, and then being trapped, that sort of thing)

Everything works as it should now except for just one bug. I know that some posts have been made about this, but occasionally the targeting glitches for reasons I don't really know why. This isn't game breaking, just a bit confusing at times, as a healing spell will occasionally hit the enemies instead of the ally you were targeting. As I've already mentioned, I don't know how to fix this. There is Yanfly's targeting plugin at work in this game, and I suspect it may be related to this.

I expect this to be the last update, as everything apart from the bug mentioned above, is all working as it should.

If you have any further questions about the game, please ask. I'm always happy to help.




"Bryson Dead" error has been fixed

Hi there

Just to let everyone know that the error which occurs after the fight against "Mr. B" has been fixed. There's a png file in the downloads which you can put in the following location, so you don't have to play through the whole game again.

A Celestial Weapon > www > img > characters

The main download has been fixed as well.

I'm sorry about this blunder. Please put up posts if you have any questions or comments in the future. Otherwise, you can always Private Message me.




Full Version uploaded.

Just to let everybody know that "A Celestial Weapon: MV Edition" is now complete, and uploaded.

I recommend that you start a new game, as new plugins have been put in which will likely cause trouble with your old save file, and other things which have been changed around.

Total game play time is around 13 hours.




Demo released

Hi to everyone who's interested. Just so you know, the demo version for A Celestial Weapon: MV Edition is now available. For those who played the original game, it finishes where the demo in the original game ended.

I'll be keeping on making progress on the game, so I'll post up more images as I go along.

Let me know if there's any errors but as far as I know, everything's fine.
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