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Final Update

Hi everyone

I've recently done a play-through of the game just to pick up on any errors and glitches which I wasn't aware of.

Because of this, quite a few small errors have been found (typos, characters for a scene in Canaburg that weren't supposed to be there until later on, being able to go back to Senecia once you had your ship, and then being trapped, that sort of thing)

Everything works as it should now except for just one bug. I know that some posts have been made about this, but occasionally the targeting glitches for reasons I don't really know why. This isn't game breaking, just a bit confusing at times, as a healing spell will occasionally hit the enemies instead of the ally you were targeting. As I've already mentioned, I don't know how to fix this. There is Yanfly's targeting plugin at work in this game, and I suspect it may be related to this.

I expect this to be the last update, as everything apart from the bug mentioned above, is all working as it should.

If you have any further questions about the game, please ask. I'm always happy to help.