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New update, probably the last

Hi everyone

I've just updated A Celestial Weapon: MV edition. Here's a list of the major changes.

  • Enemies from Sagarisk onwards now have double the HP.

  • Spell formulas have been changed around. They roughly double in power when going from low,moderate,strong,very strong, extreme in their descriptions. Hence the reason that I doubled the enemies HP so they still pose a challenge. This has also made some enemies who use the same spells as Heather and Vincent to be much more serious threats.

  • Sophie's bullets are actually useful now. They are, at the very least, slightly less powerful than Heather's mid tier spells. The ones which are more unique than just the run of the mill fire/ice/lightning are generally more powerful.

  • New armour. This makes sure that everybody has an upgraded piece of armour available when it comes to buying new equipment.

  • Some music has been changed. I was planning to put this up on Steam but a much needed plug-in isn't allowed to be used for commercial games, this was after I'd changed all the music, etc. So yeah, the game has new music in some places.

  • A thank you to TheRpgMakerAddict for his comment in the review for the original game about the "Blue Magic/Final Fantasy thing. Vincent's skill is now called "Studies", just to try for a little originality.

  • A new title screen. Having decided that I'm simply not that great at drawing on a computer, I've decided to go with a new, compiled approach. The legal text at the bottom is due to the fact that I was planning on putting this on Steam.


Just updated the Dark Armour, Dragon Armour, and Blood Armour. Their order of defensive value goes from the Aviette Armour - Dark Armour, Dragon Armour, Blood Armour. Blood Armour now gives the 50% chance to inflict confusion, and a 25% chance to inflict fascination.

Hope you enjoy the fully completed version of A Celestial Weapon: MV Edition!