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New update

Thanks to Prajna for pointing out the errors and bugs which have now been fixed.

  • Steal no longer freezes the game. This was caused by two plugins which have now been removed. This has meant that the ability to use healing magic and items on enemies has now had to be removed to solve the issue regarding stealing items.

  • When cancelling at a save point, it no longer defaults to using a shelter.

  • Heather no longer learns emergency exit, she now learns Dimensional Beam (low chance of instantly killing all enemies). Emergency Exit was removed as Vincent has a skill which is identical to it.

  • Vincent's "Death Strike", "Toxic Gas" and "Dragon Breath" are now only usable in battle.

  • Vincent's gravity skills are now "non elemental" meaning that they won't accidentally heal enemies.

  • Most status conditions now end based on the number of turns passed, not actions. Sleep no longer lasts eternally.

  • Issues regarding items not being consumed when crafting bullets has been fixed. The issue relating to the Arctic Ring = 99 Frozen Shot has been fixed.

  • The scene in Vincent's apartment has been fixed. Sophie's place has to be visited first.

  • The doors which loop in the Dam and the return journey to the Canaburg Caves have been fixed.

  • General Felchers is no longer in her office when you return to Canaburg.

  • The shop at the space station has been fixed. Only one "sunlight" is sold now.

  • The explosive device from Dr. Marshall and Captain David is now removed from the inventory once used.

  • Issues regarding Cheryl, Captain David, and Dr. Marshall's dialogue has been fixed.

  • After Uncle William's Death and General Felchers absence from Canaburg, the impact crater is fully accessible again.

  • Issues regarding the ship have been fixed. You can't trap yourself with it, as the piers to Worton and Sagarisk have now been blocked off (They can't be landed at)

  • The scene with Circe at the return to Canaburg after the felling of Felchers' heliobeam no longer causes freezing.


  • A training arena now exists in Canaburg, usually exclusively for Aviettes, but Circe has made sure that Sophie and her friends are welcome.

  • A small cut-scene has been added just prior to the final battle. Ties up a loose end regarding a certain matter brought up at the beginning of the game, and which was also discussed with Circe.