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Hi, I'm Quinn. I've created this blog on behalf of the games collective I do writing and art with, GlasStadtGames, as a devlog of sorts.

We're currently actively working on the game you see here before you: An Outcry.

What is An Outcry?

An Outcry is a 3-hour long, surrealist branching path narrative RPG, set in Vienna, Austria in 2017. Its main character, a non-binary person known as "the unnamed", is a lonely shut-in whose quiet life is forever disturbed by the arrival of a catclysmic event, and the hostile force that descended upon the city with it. From here, the unnamed must make a decision: Will they Act, or stand By?

What's the aesthetic?

Its graphics are gritty, but well-rendered. The game's narrative, fourth-wall-less, centers around the struggles of the marginalised, but is also highly metaphoricalised. It is also very self-contained: The game only includes a total of 11 small locations. Like a stage play, it isn't about travel, or adventurous discovery; it is about people living in small environment, and the conflicts that occur between them. Its main narrative question is this: Is the world changeable?

An Outcry is strongly inspired by the works of writers Franz Kafka, Bertolt Brecht, and Max Porter, as well as other RM2003 titles such as OFF and Ib.

What are some of its features?

  • A prologue, culminating in two routes, culminating in four possible endings.

  • An uncanny sense of menace sat upon everything, like a lid upon the sky.

  • Beautifully rendered full-screen artwork.

  • A densely written narrative with a well-characterised cast.

  • Highly absorbing music, composed by such talents as Jack King-Spooner, Christoph Frey and others.

  • The world's first "Struggle" System.

  • Poetry and birds.


Current team:
-Quinn K: Scenario, writing, graphics, event scripting (Twitter: @QuinnPixelArt, e-mail: anoutcrygame<<atttt>>gmail<<dotttt>>com)
-James: Event scripting, assorted graphics
-Kitet Frogwife: Graphics (Twitter: @kitetofficial)
-Sprite Star: Misc. graphics (Twitter: Sprite_Star0)
-Sophia: Music (Twitter: @Alzzarla)
-Leaf Let: Music (Twitter: @LetLeaf)
-Jack King-Spooner: Music (Twitter: @king_spooner)
-Christoph Frey: Music (Twitter: @chrstphfr)
-Kyra: Cars (Twitter: @kyra_dev)
-Jennifer: SFX
-3D63: SFX (Twitter: @0x3d6e)
-Kaya: Sensitivity reading (Twitter: @oksoft_games)
-Charles Elliott Gibbs: Music

Anne's initial design by Samanthuel "Splendidland" Gillson (Twitter: @splendidland)


Latest Blog

An Outcry. Prologue Demonstration 2: NOW AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD ON rpgmaker.net!

Hey, this is Quinn of GlasStadtGames!

We've decided to add the demo version of our game to RPG Maker.net's downloads, for ease of access.

Do note, please, that, seeing as there is no pay-what-you-want model on this website, you are not supporting the continued development of this game through your download (at least not as far as money is concerned, attention always helps! <3). Therefore, I ask:

If you played this demo, and ended up liking it, then please consider donating to my Patreon to help development continue on!

Thank you so much, and have a good time with this weird little game!


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I wanna marry ALL the boys!! And Donna is a meanc
This looks stunning! Hope to be able to play it soon <3
Really interesting concept, great stylistic choices and graphics. It really stands out ^^
This looks stunning! Hope to be able to play it soon <3

Just uploaded the demo to rmn a couple days ago! You should check it out, it's a nice little slice of what the game will be!

Really interesting concept, great stylistic choices and graphics. It really stands out ^^

Thank you so so much! We're working hard on this sucker, haha.

For anyone interested, there's a bunch more work in progress updates over on the game's twitter: https://twitter.com/AnOutcryGame
I gave it a go. Very promising demo and quite a neat art style. Looking forward to any updates. Keep going.
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