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Teddy's Journey is the story of Teddy , a short pale introvert who made the decision to leave his rainy village in the forest to start a trip, in the hopes of discovering new and interesting landscapes and, hopefully, find true love. In one of his dreams, Teddy will encounter a mysterious woman, "Sweetener", whom he'll be able to meet again whenever he sleeps.

Explore varied and surreal landscapes, interact with gentle technicolor npcs and cryptids, and help Teddy face his own fears and negative emotions in combat, with mysterious monsters that serve as metaphor for the inner turmoil within teddy.

Teddy's Journey is an exploration rpg drawing inspiration from rpgmaker classics like Space Funeral and Yume Nikki, the first being the art style's influence, and the second being the main inspiration for the labyrinthic dream segments.
The game is currently at its 3rd demo, in which you may find potential bugs. Please feel free to report them if you find any.

Enjoy !

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