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Join Airia, a Bard from a small town, on a huge quest to save the World.
The Legendary Instruments were stolen, can she get them back? She can...with help. Grab your...Flute and get going! The story takes place on the planet of Gaia where you'll travel from a small bardic farm town to a power plant (filled with robots!), to the lava world called Styx beneath the surface. Travel between 2 world maps using your airship and take down The Opus Quintet before they unlock the secrets of the instruments!

With a throwback to Final Fantasy 4 and 6, you adventure along picking up allies along the way. Topping out at 16 recruitable characters, you'll have to manage a roster of characters each with unique passive traits and a unique selection of skills. Features the ATB system as scripted by Yanfly. Most artwork and music purchased as additional assets.

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  • Completed
  • LazESigma
  • RPG Maker MV
  • RPG
  • 11/25/2020 04:35 PM
  • 01/21/2021 08:43 PM
  • 09/01/2019
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This game looks promising. I'll give it a try after a download has been added.
Thanks for the interest. Game was approved to submit and a download link was added. :)
I've really enjoyed the first hours of the game. There are lots of interesting quests and cleverly hidden items, and the battle system is fun, exhibiting just the right amount of complexity.

One question, though, concerning the steal mechanic. By using Faris' "Theft" skill "Snatch" and selecting an enemy, the player can choose which one of the enemy's items Faris should attempt to steal. Yet so far all equipment choices of mob monsters have always been grayed out, making it impossible to select them. Is this a bug? Or is this intended, meaning that the skill can - with regards to mob monsters and equipment - (only) be used to see drop items and their drop rates? Or do only certain mob monsters carry stealable equipment so that I need to check every mob monster in every random encounter? Maybe I got it wrong and the equipment steal mechanic is limited to boss fights like the one against Bandersnatch.

By the way, this happens when saving on file 1 before the auto save occupies file 1 (players like me who save as soon as they're in control could think that the save system is broken):

Cannot read property 'fileId' of null
Thanks for the bug report!! I hadn't come across this before but it totally makes sense. I should probably force an AutoSave right away. :)

As far as Steal/Snatch goes, the ability to steal/snatch Equipment is available later in the game when your Steal ability is upgraded. I might need to refine the description of the Steal Command.
Thanks, I thought it would be prudent to have this matter clarified as soon as possible. The game is still a lot of fun and practically bug-free so far, definitely a pleasant surprise to a worrywart's mind. :)
New Download link posted for update.
Forced an Autosave right before you gain control of Airia.
Updated a few descriptions for Steal/Snatch for clarity.

Thanks Spermidine!
I love how the game constantly provides exploration incentives and rewards the player for being attentive. My favorite discovery so far was the Rat's Tail.

Unfortunately, the one time I acted against my "do everything else before advancing the main storyline" directive, I probably missed something permanently. Of course, you as the developer should know that the player likely won't complete the "Ether Formula" side quest (which lets the player recruit Rhajat, who can learn skills by interacting with vending machines) immediately, the reason being that the related dungeon (Crystal Shrine) features damaging floor tiles. The nearest location to buy the accessory that prevents damage from these floor tiles, though, is far away at Alto University (outside), where the game (when the player enters the building) first reduces the party to Airia only and then splits the party in two and opens up the Power Plant, which seems to be an one-time-only dungeon, but contains a vending machine (Live Wire).

To summarize, it's highly unlikely that the player has recruited Rhajat at this point and chosen him as part of the party that frees the Power Plant. So I would like to ask: Will it be possible to enter the Power Plant again later or will my completionist soul suffer a severe blow? :D

Edit: The Power Plant has opened again after the trek through Gamma Tower, so praised be developer's foresight. Well, it would have been even better to not block the Power Plant again during that short time frame after having completed it and activating Gamma Tower's teleportation portal. :P
I'm afraid I'm not quick enough for the Ereipia Ruins part, already failed a few times at the end. Any chance of making the second part a bit easier (by spawning fewer evil spirits)? Edit: I finally managed to overcome this obstacle today thanks to a better strategy and a quicker wit (though I still came one tile close to defeat at one point). Although developers don't like to hear this, I suggest adding a skip function for this section when more players struggle.
That's a valid point on that Ruins Battle. I was tempted to try this different type of mechanic for this area, and believe me, it took me a few attempts to clear it. I think a Skip option is certainly viable and no feelings are hurt at all!
To be honest, I "only" failed twice, but failing twice in a row was terrifying, and if I had failed a third time the next day, I would have needed a break for a few days. :D

Since I'm nearing the end, could you, LazE Sigma, please be so kind and answer a few of my questions in order to tie up loose ends?

- I'm about to
challenge the 4 towers
: Is this the point of no return?

- I've completed 32 out of 33 quests so far, 1 (last?) main quest remaining. Did I miss any quests?

- Inside the Forest Cavern in Kalamiaris Forest there's a passage blocked by a broken bridge and a passage/door blocked by rocks at the end. How can I clear the way (if at all)? Also, what's the purpose of the two torches here that can be lit? There are a few similar torches in other dungeons (and I lit them all), but they don't seem to serve a purpose.

- Is there a way to access Treble Hospital's highest floor (inside)? The elevator as well as the door on the highest floor (outside) refuse to take the player there.

- Shrine Access: (How) can the 4 serpents be fought?

The game was fun all along, and now that my party has reached level 99, I should be ready for any remaining challenges. :)
I'm thrilled you saw this game of mine to the end! :)
So to answer the questions here:

1. The 4 towers will only sideline everyone long enough to complete that quest.
The world map (and any side-quests) can still be accessed after the 4 tower mission.

2. Side-Quests - I don't think you missed any, but none are missable so no worries there. The last quest (Main) has yet to open.

3. Nothing beyond that bridge in the cavern.

4. Hospital only has 2 floors inside. Roof ladder access allows one more floor (outside) but that upper door seen there is just for show. :) Good catch as I may consider just replacing that door with a wall to avoid any lengthy searches.

5. Can't those snakes are just background things.
Thank you very much! So the passage/door blocked by rocks inside the Forest Cavern in Kalamiaris Forest remains locked, too? I'm sure many players will wonder what's behind these rocks. :D

I had a lot of fun, but I also encountered a few bugs. Given that you utilize the full range of RPG Maker MV's (battle) options, though, I'm amazed how smoothly the game could be played (I had to search for most bugs specifically). Here's the bug list:

- Opportunities to permanently lose a vehicle (game-breaking):
-- Entering Alpha Tower from the left side or from below (the rocks in front of the tower can be walked and landed on) while traveling per boat/ship/airship
-- Entering Delta Tower from the right side while traveling per ship
-- Landing the airship on the lower left tile of Vegas, then entering the city
-- Landing the airship on the Forest Cavern, then entering Kalamiaris Forest from either side

- When interacting with the chicken in Andante, the game freezes while displaying the following error message (this didn't happen at the beginning of the game, only later) (game-breaking):
Loading Error
Failed to load: img/pictures/Nature_3.png

- Endless Den of Thieves: During fights against the Demoness the following error occurred every time (game-breaking):
Loading Error
Failed to load: audio/se/Slash10.ogg

- I once encountered the following error (during a fight in Gamma Tower against a Siren, a Red Slime and a Blue Sime when the Quakenator's Quake skill, equipped/used by Asher, killed all enemies at once) (game-breaking):
Type Error
Cannot read property 'removeCurrentAction' of null

- After completing the "Crystal Barrier" quest (challenging the 4 towers): Entering the third floor of any tower retriggers all "meanwhile" segments in succession and gets the player stuck on the last cutscene (game-breaking). I only revisited Alpha Tower at this point, but I suspect the other towers are affected, too.

- Obstruction mapping: Desert Shrine: the teleportation portal's light on the map where the optional boss is fought (at least wandering out of bounds helped me to figure out how the statues had to be positioned)

- Even when having been afflicted with "Fear", Airia can still use the "Attack" command (might or might not be intentional, since there are other exceptions for Airia's "Attack" command, e.g. not being affected by "Taunt").

- Some enemies (e.g. the Metal Slimes encountered on the world map near Ereipia Ruins) skip their turns when being enraged (which also means they don't suffer poison damage), probably because they lack a basic attack.

- Fire Spirits (Alpha Tower) have 9999 MP, but they don't even spend MP when using their skills (which means they can spam them ad infinitum anyway). This could apply to similar enemies, too.

- Clef Temple: When returning to the boss room and examining the lower right NPC (i.e. the one that could be talked to before the boss fight) again (no matter from which side), his sprite changes.

- Power Plant: The console at the beginning is still in "danger mode" even after the Power Plant has already been freed.

- Power Plant: When returning to the boss room, the treasure chest (if it has been triggered before) is now at the wrong end of the conveyor belt.

- The Parasite enemy (Staccato Woods) constantly fails to take any action.

- Vegas: The "High Voltage" skill for Rhajat (vending machine) can be learned an indefinite number of times.

- Partisan isn't a guaranteed drop from Teal Dragon (might or might not be intentional; either way, I postponed the fight against Teal Dragon until Faris was able to steal equipment).

- The map "Frourio Castle 2F" is mistakenly labeled as "Frourio Castle 1F".

- Astéria Observatory: When using the launcher again later (probably only when the player has reached RPG Cliché Village before), it always sends the player to RPG Cliché Village, even if the player landed the airship near Frourio and took the long route through the mountains again (which can be a seemingly sensible decision based on exploration priorities and the lack of knowledge about the structure of Styx).

- Treble Hospital: Lisle's sprite changes permanently (without interacting with her) after completing her quest (in fact into the same NPC sprite that can be encountered on the other side of the map).

- Endless Den of Thieves: When leaving the dungeon after defeating the respective floor's enemy (thus making the stairs to the next floor appear): During the next visit, the stairs to the next floor on the "first map" already appear upon entering the floor even without defeating the enemy first.

That's it. Thanks again for an entertaining game. :)
Thanks for playing my game Spermidine! I'm going to check these out and re-upload a more polished version. Appreciate all the detail you've given here and you've earned a spot in the credits as well!
New Download Posted Updated 01/21/2021
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