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You are the new king. You will need to balance your needs with those of the kingdom, your vassals, the people and your family.

Rule a Kingdom
As the leader of your kingdom many people rely on you in various ways. The people will bring daily grievances to you in peasants court, while the wealthy settling their disputes by duel will seek your favour.

Influential religion will reward you for your representation or reprehend you for practising witchcraft and other immoral acts. Likewise, you'll need to maintain favour with neighbouring kingdoms. Your kingdom just survived one war, it doesn't need another.

Your advisor and other council members will handle foreign affairs and other menial tasks. However, you will need to lead them in the right direction.

Be a Husband and a Father
Among the immense responsibilities of a king are those tethered to the family. There is no fury like a queen scorned, and no reward as great as being present as your children grow up.

Explore Your Castle
There is much to discover in your modest castle. Solve puzzles, unravel mysteries, master the hedge maze, bet on horse races and... take a bath.


An animated world with all original graphics.
Music by Eric Matyas, www.soundimage.org. You have control over the playlist.
Choose your history. How you came to power affects the difficulty.
A strategy game where player choices matter.
A free-roam side-scroller.
Time mechanics essential to strategy, and the ambience of the castle.
Council, Court & Peasants Court, where many of your most important decisions are made.
Gambling via Duels & Horse racing.
Plots and rivals.
Law creation.
In-game achievements.
Other stuff to discover.

Various titles can be acquired based on your actions. Such as, The Good King, which is earned by being a well-balanced ruler. There is a different ending for each title.

What will you be known for?

This game does not have a battle system. It does not require the player to manage their inventory. There's no jump button. It doesn't even need you to access a menu.

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