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-on progress-


This game is a sequel to "The Three Visions". The story takes place when the protagonist was taking a break from his quest to the Tower of Rebirth.


You'll play as the demon king, Lapans, who meets two oracles with two contradictory ideas of doomsday vision. One foresees a day when the humans bring destruction to the world, but the other one says it's the gods who will bring destruction. Meanwhile, Lapans still believes that the world will be burned to ashes by him.


Laharpanas Daegon
The current Demon King. Son of all Demons and Dragons (?) and the descendant of the Legendary Demon Meravi Daegon. He's rude, arrogant and merciless. The only good thing about this guy? He's undefeated.

Zamber Gledegh
One of the 3 thunder gods. Zamber has always been deeply cynical about demons and humans. He prefers heavy armor, while the other two thunder gods, Petyr and Ferde are wearing fancy clothes. Zamber mastered the Thunder Sword Arts in his youth.

Tou Vanbadai
A former priest whose dedicated himself to the Temple of Thunder. He was trained under his superior, Einhazar Lizecsou. Opposite to his past, he's a peerless womanizer who constantly flirting with any attractive lady he sees. Sadly, this time he's only making a cameo. (Interested in him? Play the other game, The Three Visions).

Sehath Zelalu
He was the greatest shaman from the northern border of Dakan Plateau, Capital City of Trilands. He had gained his immortality after the incident of the deadly epidemic illness that befell the Kingdom of Trilands. He foresees a day when the humans bring destruction to the world.

He was the greatest shaman from the southern border of Dakan Plateau, Capital City of Trilands. He has been cursed and became vulnerable to injury. "1 Hit Point" is the analogy that people used often in describing him. He foresees a day when the gods bring destruction to the world.


Easy Leveling, Intense Battle
You can build your skills & attributes without level-grinding. It's pretty easy to reach the maximum level for each character. Your victory throughout the battles will be determined by strategy, runes and how fast your reaction and determination.

Fast paced Story with plot twist
2 Hours Gameplay. You'll have an important decision making and moral response that will affect the gameplay and the ending you'll get at the end of the game. Also there's a peripeteia when you reach a certain point in the game.

The 2 x 2 Concept
2 Main Characters, 2 Hidden Characters, 2 Game Modes (based on save files from 2 different games), 2 Main Quest, 2 Side Quests, 2 Different Endings, 2 Worlds, 2 Towns, 2 Fields, 3 Dungeons, 2 Secret Areas, 2 category of items with 2 items per category, 2 Swords for each character with 2 upgrades, 2 Weapon Fusions, 2 Magic Schools with 2 Elements, 2 Levels Runes, 2 Synthesizers, 2 x 2 areas with 2 x 2 tiles per area, and the other 2s...



Q : Is this the world's simplest RPG ever created?
A : Obviously, It's two times bigger.


-Coming soon- :)

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This looks pretty nice.

Thank you so much sir, ehhmm TWOFace,
Now the posts section has 2x2 concept too XD
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