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2nd place winner of the Hawktober Game Jam - A puzzle-oriented mystery game with minor horror elements and a spiritual successor to Lily Renewal.

Help the child, an ethereal woman and a mindflayer escape a strange world that is truly beyond our understanding.

A puzzling journey through the depths of the boundless dream.

Fragmented Corrupted Investigation Records:

The incident of decxEhssur$cicing
consecxnE mystery eluåeS
this been out without
v hyme or recxSon: Andthe numbers* ise to over the hundreds
OF of the recording of'thistwriting.
The diconosed Eo be a- crnd±emporcrl
lobe f-cxi)ure. In anaysis from one of the
suggests that their txrnygdcxL, hippoctxmpus cxnd prefronta cortex
have)somehowfruptured, causing the AVicEims into
OFFiciC11s hcxüexecordåd this incident be a- p6SSiblé
infection. However, does not Seem±o be±hé ccxSe.
There nb Signs OF infection or entry point cxnd Seems
•to be to rcxndom civillicxns •rcxndom OF the
There is one key simiLriEy in theecxutopsy. T hcxt
the Victims ha.ve, one point, been rncxrked in their Storncwh.
Ecxch one inconsistent With one crnother but all OF them hcxve mtxrks
For Some unhithomcxb)e reQSon.
Whcxeevey- the cause Ehis may be, is certainly not normcxl ccxse:•
Ebe be upon uS.

- The child can alter and change the course of fate where the other two do not, opening a path for the ethereal woman and the mind flayer.
- The ethereal woman can enter an astral state to explore areas outside the boundaries of gravity and space.
- The mind flayer can enter a mindscape which allows him to discover fragments of memories and learn the truth of how they came to be within the dream.

- Cutscene oriented scenarios
- Switch characters to solve puzzles.
- Time Limit Puzzle Action Solving.

F҉e҉a҉r҉ ҉f҉o҉r҉ ҉a҉l҉l҉ ҉E҉t҉e҉r҉n҉i҉t҉y҉

Itch.io page: https://berryitch.itch.io/657465726e697479

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100 Downloads on :eternity on Itch and +175 Downloads on RMN.

Thank you for those who are willing to give the game a shot, from within the endless boundaries of the ethereal unknown.

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  • 12/14/2020 07:18 AM
  • 08/25/2021 05:06 PM
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