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A Masterpiece!

  • Starmage
  • 12/26/2020 02:24 PM
Hello everyone! It's been so long since I've made reviews for the games in this site, I have been busy with stuff. But now, I am happy to review this great game that I have played on the Hawktober 2020 Gamejam. I joined alongside the wonderful dev (Berry) for this jam, so I have played a number of entries on the jam. :D I have to say, this entry is truly something special! It also won 2nd place for Judge's pick!

Eternity is a puzzle-based game with Cosmic Horror elements... And I have to say, the dev captured the feeling of Cosmic Horror and mystery very well along with some strong emotional touch. If you enjoy puzzle games, then this game is a MUST play!


This is probably one of the most enticing and beautiful part of the whole game. The whole story is told via beautiful CG arts and balloon emotes... Yes, that's right folks... There are rarely any conversations in the game conveyed via text messages. But make no mistake, the game perfectly captures your heart with how well they're delivered. I love how you can somehow pick up pieces of the puzzle because of the pictures and the balloon emotes, so that was pretty neat. The story has a very strong emotional touch. It can easily capture you in a very imaginative mysterious world. There are some darker themes present in the game, but it's not too much, and it adds up to the whole wonder and mystery.


The game truly shines with it's very creative implementation of puzzles. Each characters have their own specialty of sorts, to traverse through this mysterious world and overcome obstacles. The little boy has the power to close/open certain important areas, the squid-alien guy (who looks cool btw) can enter a different dimension and solve a puzzle there in order to open passageways, and the ghostly woman can enter Astral Realm to collect spiritual objects that also helps open passageways. There are a lot of very cool gimmicks within the game. And a lot of the boss puzzle battles are really fun and intense. Will really keep you on your toes a lot of the time.


Sound design in this game is great. Aside from that, the music used are amazing and really fits into this mysterious world. A lot of the music used for emotional scenes are also very powerful and will easily captivate you to immerse into their story. The music can also be intense if needed for certain scenes! So the variety is great.


The graphics are all beautiful custom artworks done by the dev himself. All gorgeous and colorful! I have no other words but continuous praise over the dev's efforts in making all these custom artworks and bringing them to life in his games. The CG arts also do a great job telling the story. They're very dynamic and full of color and motion. Sometimes, you have to play the game and see for yourself in order to know where I'm getting at here. xD


A Masterpiece! Gorgeous game with a beautiful story and mystery. Puzzles that are fun and interactive. I found no issues so far with my playthrough, and the dev has also fixed the issues found on previous versions by other players. So as of this moment, I can confirm, that this is a solid experience for anyone looking for something special. <3

5/5 - Highly Recommended! Nominated for the Misaos!