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Action RPG made in RPG Maker MZ for the Great Winter Game Jam 2020.

Playable in Browser here!

Winter has lasted too long already and there's not an end in sight. You have sought the advice of a wise woman and travelled west, where the sun goes to die each day. It's there where you can strike at the heart of Winter herself. Armed with your trusty bow, you must defeat Morana, the goddess of winter, to ensure that spring will come! Journey through a Cursed Forest and an Icy Cavern to reach your goal, battling zombies, werewolves and more on the way.

This is an action RPG, where your only form of attack is your bow (which needs to be drawn to full before you can fire). Enemies award you experience and gold, which can be used to buy better bow and armor in the village. Arrows are not bound to the tile grid and enemies have actual hitboxes... sort of! You will have to be quick on your feet to survive the hordes of monsters in your way!

Plugins Used:

HUD Maker Ultra by SRDude - Website: http://sumrndm.site/

Thanks to SRDude for his amazing plugin!


Move with arrow keys.

Esc to access the menu.

Enter or space to interact with NPCs and objects.

Hold E to run (limited by Stamina Points)

Hold Q to draw the bow and fire arrows.

Hold W to lock your direction.

Hold Shift to turn without moving.

Latest Blog

Version 1.2 released

I'm proud to announce the biggest update to the game yet!

The biggest change is that the game now has a HUD. No longer will you need to pause the game and look in the menu to find out what your current HP, SP or Level is. This is courtesy of the HUD Maker Ultra plugin by SRDude, check out his website - http://sumrndm.site/

The second major change is that leveling up now fully restores HP and SP, complete with a sound effect and a level up animation in place of the old text-box, which has since been removed.

Hope you enjoy this update!