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A christmas present that I have been putting together for my son based on a game idea that he gave me notes on when he was like seven. Originally slated to be a birthday present for him things happened that did not make that a reality so now I am pushing to have it completed by Christmas morning for him to play on his Twitch/Youtube channel. After which I will release it on RMN and itch.io.

Jay is trying to be a popular streamer when tragedy strikes the world and everyone is forced to stay inside. While video chatting with some friends (and recording a new video for his channel) they strike on a realization of what is happening in the world! Jay can now use all of his nerdy knowledge that he learned from his dad to help his friends and himself escape from the threat. However, first he must escape his own house as he, like most the kids his age, and being essentially locked in their rooms by their "fake" parents.

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