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You take the role of Grey, an archeologist who likes exploring ruins and the like. One day he finds a strange map. He purchases the map and returns to his home, but unbeknownst to him, another individual who was interested in the treasure map had eyes on the treasure the map's information provided.

The next day passes as Grey was prepared to study the map, the individual breaks into his study and takes off with the map, the individual is known as Madam Pearl, a renowned treasure hunter who values money over all else. And says that the treasure belongs to her.

Grey begins to give pursue Pearl in the hopes of recovering the treasure map, but little does he know how resilient the treasure hunter is. Who will get to the treasure first? Pearl or Grey?

The game is structured similarly to older game boy games like Donkey Kong 94, and Lode Runner. Where you go through stages and the objective in each stage is to obtain orbs that are scattered throughout the stage, once you collect all the orbs in the stage, the exit will open, and then you can proceed to the next stage. And every once in a while you will encounter Madam Pearl and some of her traps she prepares to try and prevent you from pursuing her.

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PVG Blog #1 A new platformer to try out.

Ya'aaaar, it's me, the monius yet again with a new game for ya'll to try out. A simple pick up and play game with some simple obstacle courses and the like. The game's been in deep production for the past few months, so it was high time this game was finally released on RMN. Especially now that PGM is starting to pick up a little more attention here.

A demo was just released as well, so be sure to give it a try. The demo contains 20 levels to play through. So try them out at your leisure.
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  • 12/21/2020 07:50 PM
  • 12/30/2020 06:01 PM
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