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The long-awaited, much anticipated, super hyped-up sequel to Project 8 nobody asked for!

A proof-of-concept, really. Project 16 pairs turn-based RPG with gacha mechanics (requires no real money, I swear!) and procedurally-generated dungeon crawling. The aim is to capture that engrossing loop of grinding & farming in a tidy RPG Maker format. As is the case with Project 8's idea, Project 16 was meant to be made within 16 hours, except I was 200 hours off the mark :(

Story? STORY!? We're here to farm mats and roll, baby!*

*Author's note, there's a premise here ok: Far away on a distant remote island is a village home to a massive sprawling dungeon. Known as the 'Shifting Caverns', its form changes randomly, leaving any potential pillagers lost and trapped in its endless network. Legends speak of a group of intrepid adventurers who successfully explored the massive dungeon: Luca, Lyre, and Lucia. Together, they gathered a roster of equally ambitious heroes and uncovered the Caverns' greatest mysteries. This is their story...

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