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This is a project I rediscovered on my old website http://foreverproductions.free.fr/games
As a teen I hid the file directories behind this simple index.html landing page. I no longer have access to this website, but it's managed to survive all these years later.

The filename turned out to be "Project1.rar", I was quite surprised to find this project, and hope someone can help me rediscover more files.

It's an interesting tech demo for a survival horror rpg, where the battles occur like a weird FPS button masher thing. If you touch a Zombie you enter an FPS view where you have to rapidly press the shoot button or press escape to....escape. If the zombie gets close enough it does some damage and knocks you back.

There are only 4 maps in the project. I haven't loaded it into Rm2k3 so I'm not sure if there is any way to get to the 4th room in the game. Currently there is the intro map, outside, and the lobby. From peeking at the files, I looks like I have a dining room in there too.

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Oh wow I can't wait to play this, love the spooky RTP
Oh wow I can't wait to play this, love the spooky RTP

Not much to play lol
Maybe 5-10 minutes of content, and no goal, just a tech demo really.
I think it's worth checking out just for the battle system idea. I think I 'stole' the concept from an old Game Boy Resident Evil game.
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