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When a man wishes to restore that which was lost he walks the path of the Reditus.

When a man no longer walks the path of the Reditus he becomes the Rediit.

Evil men and good men both walk the path of the Reditus, the heavens make no distinction between the two.

Thus begins our story as destiny calls a new man to walk the path of the Reditus. Those who follow him will be swept up in its irresistible calling.

Ceaser loves his Father, but to what lengths? Will he walk the path of the Reditus even if it means destroying the world then saving it?

Things planned:
1. An action battle system with up to 3 players local multiplayer.
2. A beautifully designed desolate world.
3. Caves which are also 2d platformers.
4. Lots of mini games. The mini games I have planned are a monster arena. A top down 2.5d space shooter. A cart platformer.
5. A skill tree system whose development is influenced by which Magicia you have in grafted into your soul.
6. Lots of side quests.
7. Multi-party strategic battles.
8. Voice Acting during cutscenes.

Please donate to my patreon account. I need to hire people. https://www.patreon.com/JerichoStudios?fan_landing=true

Latest Blog

Demo version 1.0

This demo includes:
1. Overhead enemies will see you and chase you. Try to hide so they’ll leave you alone. Enemy difficulty is associated with color. Right now I only have red. In future when u come into contact with enemy battle will ensue.
2. I made many npcs to interact with. You can get a taste of the story which has been rewritten compared to the original.
3. I have hidden many loot boxes in a 2.5d world see if you can find them.
4. Inventory system, save system, battle system, are all in the works and will be released in future demos.
5. It’s recommended that you play with gamepad and have a 64bit operating system, i5 and above, 8gb ram, and a decent graphic card.
4. Please give any other suggestions on how I can improve my game.
  • Production
  • of 2 episodes complete
  • Commercial
  • MKingdom
  • Unreal Engine 4
  • RPG
  • 12/28/2020 10:01 AM
  • 04/10/2021 01:18 PM
  • 07/17/3020
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