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A Decent RPG
-This is my first attempt at making an RPG all by myself. I predict a 50% chance I will succeed this time.

This is a project that will mostly be made with the RTP, while future projects will include more DLCs and content. This game should have about 20 hours of gameplay when finished.

The game takes place in a typical RPG story, filled with fantasy and sci-fi themes. The main character is a male demon, and there are many characters that can be switched around. The game has side view battlers, and uses the default RPGMV gameplay. Features include the use of HP/MP/TP, and both physical and magical skills. The game has a small pre-made world map. The cutscenes will be short, and longer ones will be optional. The game will also take advantage of the colored lighting effects from the editor. I'm hoping to get plugins for fogs as well.

The following screens will be taken down and replaced with more recent screenshots as the game is being developed. Everything now is mostly practice.

Update: You start out as a blue skinned demon with vampire wings; and your stuck in a cell in the base. A gunman frees you. The next day you end up on the most southern continent. You have the option to have a guest join you, whom will be controlled by the AI; this makes the start of the game easier. You meet the three next characters in the next village. More characters will appear and become optional to choose later in the game. The world map was loaded from a pre-made map in the RTP. You'll be located in different places in different chapters of the game. The theme of the world may either be in the past or in the future, at exactly the same time. In the end of the game, you'll be in a pit somewhere with the final boss.


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