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01 - Items & In-game Editors

  • Momeka
  • 01/09/2021 10:02 PM
With this game I want to build a robust groundwork that I can reuse in the future for similar games. To make everything a bit easier to work with I decided to put in the time to make editors (that and I really enjoy coding tools).
So the past two weeks I've spend laying down the ground for supporting editors and the first one I build was the Item Editor.

(Items and balancing is still up in the air.)

It still has some kinks and quality of life stuff here and there to work out. But it's good enough for the moment.

Another reason for doing all the editors is that in the future I want to support a scenario editor so players can create their own campaigns. But it probably won't be for this game.

All the editors can be accessed anytime in the game by pressing F2. Which is really handy when playtesting. If I find something that's off I can go in and fix it right away.

(Right now it's a bit empty, but later all editors will be collected on that screen)

Next up will be dropping items on the ground and picking up them up.

For future update posts would you be interested in seeing code or is that boring?