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Hello everyone! This is the 3rd title of my BlueSkies series! And just like my recently released steam game "Rave Heart, this one will be a commercial title. :)

BlueSkies 3 is an RMMZ game featuring a radiant, magical fantasy RPG atmosphere with an emotionally driven and light-hearted story-line. You may also want to play (or otherwise check out) BlueSkies 1 and BlueSkies 2! though BlueSkies 3 in itself has a different story on it's own (not directly a sequel), still it features the same world as BlueSkies 1 and BlueSkies 2. There won't be any plot-related confusions if you immediately played BlueSkies 3 though!

With all that said, I truly hope you all will enjoy the game's demo! Please feel free to post your feedback or suggestions to help me improve this game! That will mean so much to me! Thank you so much!


In the world of Vyen, magic is abundant all around. Witches and Warlocks run the world. Some use magic for the good of Vyen, and some use it as a weapon to harm and cause destruction. Despite this obvious divide between the people, the recent announcement of the "Arcane Mastery Tournament" held by both the Chancellor of the Holy Order and the King of the Xmeilian Empire, has captured the interests of every magic-user around the world. The "Arcane Mastery Tournament" is an event where Witches and Warlocks all around the world gather to compete and rise as the special "Arcane Guardians" of the Xmeilian Empire. Some join to prove their prowess in magic in front of the whole world, seeking to claim victory, while some join content with the thought of having a platform for themselves and their magic, regardless if they'll win the competition or not. Could this tournament simply be a competition between the greats, Or could this be a catalyst for something grand? Dare I say, something sinister?


The story revolves around a young Oracle named Candace Aethelmay, who lives in Esuna Town. Candace and her friends have decided upon going on an adventure to join the "Arcane Mastery Tournament." Along the way, the young witches will encounter challenges, meet new friends, and they will further hone their skills in magic. But little do they know; that this journey is going to lead to something much bigger that involves the fate of Vyen.


Demo 3.0 Let's Plays:

Demo 2.5 Let's Plays:

- Animated Side-view battle system
- Dynamic ATB battles
- Party changing system (Both during and out of battle).
- Immersive plot and a very colorful set of characters, atmosphere and dialogue.
- Beautiful character arts.
- Side-quests and hidden-quests that allows you to acquire items, gold, and even learn skills or summons!
- Explore the world of Vyen and uncover the mysteries.

Latest Blog

UPDATE! 3.5 is up!


It's been so long, but don't worry I'm still working on this project, life's just been super busy last year, but here I am now with a new update! :D No story-related update though, just polishing the demo as it is! :D

I present to you all, Blue Skies 3 Demo version 3.5:



- New cast animations for each characters.
- Player Buffs/Debuffs skills are no longer stackable.
- Player Buffs/Debuffs skills' power have also been reduced.
- Spirit Herb item no longer gives bonus Ailment immunity for 2 turns upon use.
- Enemy stats have been tweaked to achieve balance (not too hard or easy hopefully).
- Fixed some bugs and typos.
- State tooltips are now available. You can simply hover your mouse over a state and read its effects.
- Enemies now display their elemental property as passive states above them instead of showing it beside their names.
- New Battle Backgrounds.
- Changed Boss BGM.

Hope you all enjoy! Feedback is appreciated! ^_^
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  • 01/12/2021 09:32 AM
  • 06/17/2022 05:33 PM
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This looks promising! I am going to give the demo a try asap!
Thank you so much Make_it_MagiK! <3 I truly hope you'll enjoy the demo!! ^_^
Good graphics! I'm gonna stream this tonight! (it's 8:28am for me while I write this)

And you can watch the stream here if you're willing to drop by!
Username: HankTheDST
Hello HankGaming! <3 ^_^ Thank you so much and I am excited to watch you stream the game!! <3 Followed you already!! <3
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