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Clarie's Song is a short eerie puzzle game in point-and click style where you help Clarie wake up from the dream she finds herself lost in, assisting errands of morally gray Bird character by solving challenging puzzles.

Clarie, little girl who enjoys oftentimes listening to music, once awakes to a deeper plane of reality upon falling asleep while wearing the headphones, though gladly there's someone already waiting to provide assistance, required to take her home. Not for free, of course - in order to seal the deal Clarie must traverse perilous interiors of the Witch's manor and retrieve four notes of the Song which her new friend, the Bird, claims to be stolen from them. Though then, why does the Witch look so miserable? Who really is the aggrieved party? What dark secret the Bird is hushing up? Find out yourself through the course of this pithy adventure!

Made with PowerPoint, which is not originally suited for video games, yet provides possibility of creation alike. No VBA/Macros were used.
EXE file provides Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer 2010 installation built-in, so you can play even if you don't have PowerPoint on your computer!

Content warning:

Please note that video game may contain mildly disturbing visual, audio or text content, so consider checking content warnings section in the README.TXT file.

Walkthrough files are provided within, in the "Walkthrough hints" folder

Installation instructions:

1. Unzip package

2. Launch .EXE file

3. If you don't have Microsoft
Office PowerPoint 2010 or newer/
Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer 2010
installed, follow the prompt within.

4. Re-launch .EXE file

Best experienced with stereo headphones!

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  • 12/19/2019
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I'm amazed by how well this game was created. First thing to note is that powerpoint is probably the last thing you would expect to make a game with haha. The music and art is beautiful and very fitting with the dreamy atmosphere as well as the use of black and white to give a solitude feel. I find the story quite pleasant with the way it's presented. It took me a while to get an understanding of the mechanics but I still enjoyed it regardless. This is very well made. Thank you for this unique experience!
I Thank you for this unique experience!

Thank you for playing! XD
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