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-a lot of grammar corrections.
-dialogue changes.
-added back to title screen option in main menu(Was not working in previous versions).
-revive skill fixed and can be used outside of battle now.
-tank skill works as it was intended by the dev now.
-fixed eater barrage skill being broken and healing to much.
-first major boss has greater HP now (was too wasy and disappointing).
-changed the name of water jug to antique vase (makes more sense to the story).
-fixed Nova City cave can send you into the past. Created new map for present cave.
-fixed third relic boss broken immortality moveset and immortality turns.
-fixed portal scrolls not working sometimes.
-fixed bug where Hector not doing enough damage when magical concentration activated.
-fixed battleback not enabled in some maps.
-fixed portal scrolls getting consumed when player uses them during events where game does not allow portal scroll usage.
-Corrected many weapon descrpition misspellings.
-fixed Butchers Knight/Burchers Knight +2 was unsellable. Added a sell and purchase price.
-Reworked walk path of some NPC's who would block the players path.
-Corrected pricing of some shop choices. in the Vehicle/City Passes map.
-Rebuilt battlebacks to look 3D.
-Adjusted tournament price for prizes.
-Fixed a glitch where Lucia's Savage Barrage skill became weaker after the level 30 ascension transformation.
-Updated Glorious Dusting skill description to describe the skill more accurately.
-Fixed a glitch that made many of the samurai skills overpowered.
-Fixed a shop that wasn't selling all the items that it was supposed to sell.
-Changed final battle Dot damage from 200 to 350 per turn.

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