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Fight through demons on behalf of humanity by order of a higher being in an amazing platformer game. Use your special to one-shot weak enemies or your regular attacks to get past them in hopes of reaching the end of every stage where a boss will be waiting for you, who's skill will be the combination of all the enemies you faced for that stage.
A total of 5 stages to be played.

Once upon a time there was a world created by the highest king. Humans were then created with a sense of good and bad, created to live, love and enjoy life as a good samaritan and the angels, beings that served, were to look after his beautiful creation. Some angels rebelled and decided that it should be the humans that serve the angels and not the other way around so the rebelled angels began to slowly corrupt the world. Those who rebelled were then cast away from the kingdom and were then transformed into a different entity, different from angels. Now known as demons they continued to corrupt the world until it was decided that an angel would be sent to defeat all that was evil.

For your ultimate platforming needs, a small 1 hour game that packs a good level of entertainment

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Hahaha, brooo. I was not expecting this. Every time I see one of my games on your channel I get caught off guard. I caught your stream last night as I was going to sleep. I just want to say thank you for doing a let’s play on my content. I loved your reactions as you were discovering the power moves like “wha- what was that!?” Hahaha. I’ve been watching your videos. Sorry about the bugs, this game is a couple years old. I uploaded the game because I was in the middle of promoting my website for a major release and I thought this might help. I look forward to your future videos.

Gamers subscribe to d757 gaming. He puts serious efforts into his let’s play videos
1: Full Controller support while in combat.
2: No damage when falling.
1: Show standard game controls at start of game.
2: Music for boss battles not working if players dies during battle fixed
3: Music for all menus added
4: Music for stage select added
5: Enemies are correctly reset and sent back to starting position if player dies.
6: Flames are less powerful
7: Added a main menu, this game had no main menu.
8: Controller and keyboard support for menus added. No longer need mouse to select stages.
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