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Joining Seasons of RMN for the first time and creating a complete game with Ren'Py for the first time too. In 2021, my good resolution is to be more ambitious and discover new ways to create games.

Ren'Py is not really a game engine, but a solution written in Python for creating visual novels. I know Ren'Py's basics, but I wanted to learn more.

Attention, the novel features grim themes such as suicide and drugs. If you're sensitive to such subjects, you shouldn't keep going.

Helsinki, Finland. Two roommates studying at the university became best friends.
Leo, the serious and shy boy ; and Valtteri aka Valt, the cheerful and reliable boy.
However, two days ago, Leo discovered Valt committed suicide for no reason. Why did Valt decide to end his life?

The novel will alternate between item searching and cutscenes. Once you click on an item, Leo will give his opinion on it. When you will have found all items in a room, the novel keeps going until the next room.
You can play the visual novel in French or in English.
Length: 2,700 words.

Latest Blog

Progress report on D-10

Time to give some news about A postcard from Finland. 10 days left before the deadline, but I'm confident. These last 3 days were very productive.

* Both the good and the bad ending work without any error. I just need to add sounds and backgrounds on them.
* Most of the musics have been defined.
* The title screen was modified: changed the font for the titles and put my new "creator logo" on it.

If you've played other games I've submitted to RMN, you should understand the meaning of the logo. If you don't know why, here's the reason:
For a strange reason, I alternate between comedy games (Theme Roulette 3) and tragic games (Valentiny) for the RMN events. The happy half and the sad half of the mask.
* I'm still below my target of 5,000 words. Just reached 2,625 words but it's not problematic if I don't reach my objective.
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  • 02/04/2021 07:02 AM
  • 07/05/2021 06:41 PM
  • 02/19/2021
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