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Welcome to Victory Supermart Incorporated. You play the role of a CEO who suffered his first financial loss after 10 years of running the company. The CEO has 3 days to think of a presentation that will convince the shareholders that this company still can turn a profit. Can you lead the company to success?

However, a mysterious stranger announces that he plans to kill you while you plan for your upcoming meeting. Take part in the day to day life as the boss of one of the largest public companies in the industry. This game is filled with office humor and crazy shenanigans, so be ready to laugh while trying to save the company. Now go ahead and be the boss!

This game was also featured by the Youtube Channel, Studio Blue. You can view the entire game here:

Special thanks to the following play testers who made sure they were laughing, and kept me in check:

-Tegon Hailwind



This game can be beaten in under an hour. I welcome all employee and shareholder reviews and suggestions for growth.

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Don't Kill the CEO is Released

The download link for Don't Kill the CEO is released. This is my first completed game, so I'm happy that I have made my mark. I hope you enjoy this short game. If you have any suggestions/questions or even funny office jokes, I'm happy to hear them.



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Hey, dude. I just finished playing your game (took a few days to get to it; been busy) and wanted to say I really enjoyed it. I went into it completely blind, not even reading the game's description beforehand, so I wasn't really sure what to expect, apart from what the title gave me. I had a feeling it was going to be a comedy game, and it didn't disappoint in that respect. It gave me a good number of laughs by how ridiculous some of the scenarios and dialogues were, and the fast pacing helped to keep things fresh all the way through despite being set in a single office building.

If I had to list the things I liked, and things I'd say that could use improvement:
-Good eye for detail. It was surprising to see most NPC's had new lines to say every time something happened, as well as NPC's actually disappearing from their usual spots whenever they were like meant to be at a meeting. And also an extra plus point for having examinable objects.
-Dialogue length was just right for this type of game. It got in enough jokes to keep up the humour, and never felt like it went on for too long.
-Minimalistic in the sense of just enough to support the game for what it's supposed to be, and not bringing in any unnecessary features. Congrats on no feature bloat (I know that's really difficult to avoid as developer...)

-I'd say mapping is still your weakest point. I know you've said you really don't like mapping, and I guess that it shows. I mean, the maps were absolutely serviceable for this game, but I feel it's the one thing that could be improved upon the most if I had to list something. Although on the plus side, you didn't fall into the common trap of making maps too large. In their size, they felt just right.
-The other minor annoyance was with the old people clogging up choke points in hallways from randomly wandering around. There were a few times I had to wait quite a while to get them to move out of the way just so I could continue. Putting in some invisible NPC barriers in the worst spots would've helped a lot.

I did finish my playthrough in just under 1 hour (something around the 50-55 minutes mark), so that's quite accurate with the info in your game's description.
Hey Milennin. Thank you so much for playing and reviewing my game. I'm glad you enjoyed it and gave you laughs.

Thank you for mentioning the dialogue bit. My initial dialogue was initially longer until my 2 friends kept on telling me to shorten and simplify it. The simplification made better diolague.

I agree with you on mapping. It used to be something I didn't like at first, but now I like it. But it's something I still need to work on. I realized small/detailed is just right for beginner mappers and I hope to make better maps in future games.

Actually, in your game Beta or Fade, you actually have a push feature, I would like to fix the old people scene with pushing. That will fix my issue, so I gotta ask that from you later.

Again, thank you so much Milennin for playing Don't Kill the CEO.
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