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Small update

The main download has been updated. The updates include mild spoilers:

- Fumiko's portraits corrected, she doesn't change clothes magically anymore
- the automatic re-firing of the cannon avoided

- Antigone spawning issues fixed (hopefully)
- and some minor dialogue improvement.

One game to go~ At least for now.


Puzzle solution for Sweet Mid 4

Here's a solution for the crab-based and bramble-based puzzles in the game, which seem to be hard at times:

Clam: bottom right

Push the boulder first, then go below the cliff to push the crab upward

then push one crab next to the other, allowing you to go in the corner and face up.

Clam: top

Use the boulder to get in the corner without moving to the left, then push the crab

Clam: top right

Free one boulder to put next to the crab

then use it to prevent moving downward, and push the crab.

Stick: smallest puzzle

Stick: puzzle with 2 brambles and 1 crab

Pull the bramble in front of the crab and push the crab

then pull the bramble back and move the crab further

Stick: big puzzle with brambles and wheelbarrow

Push the crab up and bramble away, to reach the wheelbarrow.

Use the wheelbarrow to clean up the sand, including the bit on the right

Then bring the wheelbarrow next to the crab in order to push the crab. And the bottom stick is easy to reach once the sand is out.

Stick: top left puzzle full of brambles
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