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Monster hunter Leiana Fenrisbane finds her way into the miserable town of Errevale in mid-autumn. There she becomes involved in the conflict between Lady Helena von Erre and the tradesman Moriarty Kinsley. Day by day passed as the town deteriorated all while a familiar sinister force lurked within the shadows.

Errevale Fall is a visual novel-style RPG which features plenty of choices to make, influencing the end you achieve. A total of fourteen (plus bonus) cutscene CG are available along with four different routes, all of which affect the gameplay and offer the chance to try out various different playstyles. The game also offers several unique enemy types to encounter, quests to undertake, and an alchemy system to further empower Leiana in her battles - though hard-hitting gunfire, martial arts and powerful magic already ensure she lives up to her name. Her companion, the pixie Rosethorn, is ever-useful as well: her support magic helps turn difficult situations around and her clairvoyance provides valuable insight into the player's affinities to different combat elements.

Estimated gameplay length: 2 hours+ for one playthrough (full completion may take a lot longer)

The game is casual, mostly story-oriented, but may be challenging in some parts. Should the players follow the main quests no grinding is required to finish the game. There isn't a lot of maps to explore, but the game features a dynamic day-by-day system, making each day a unique and interesting experience.

Story and art by Marmalade.
Code and additional art by CrazyBabi.

Latest Blog

Errevale Fall v2.1

This new version contains some bug fixes that has piled up since the last version. Including:
- Typos
- Doors opening where they're not supposed to
- Infinite stuns
- Missing BGM
- Wrong credits for one of the endings
- Mistake with sprite moving out of screen in intro
  • Completed
  • CrazyBabi
  • RPG Maker MV
  • Action RPG
  • 02/09/2021 06:23 AM
  • 08/06/2021 04:49 PM
  • 04/10/2021
  • 8960
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