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Reboot from the Roots Up

  • Craze
  • 05/29/2023 10:14 PM
So, I really liked this idea. I've decided to rip out the existing game but keep all the hard work I did coding, etc. and go harder on the themes and worldbuilding. It will still be a bizarre, quiet, philistine game but hopefully make a lot more sense.

The biggest thing I've done is make a lot more chipset variations, so instead of a stilted, forced intro sequence, I can do a more non-linear game where any town or region can be in various states of disrepair and decay.

To give an example using the world map:

Now towns do this too. So, hopefully it'll be cool.

I guess here're my goals:
  • Have a psuedo-oldschool rpg feel while poking at the genre's edges
  • Make a world that players love to explore in and return to previous places
  • I should enjoy working toward both of the above goals

lol we'll see


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Ohh nice, I enjoyed this game! I'll be looking forward to the reboot
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