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Snow !

The game page finally has the cool looking snow effect I wanted. I stacked an animated gif snow effect (16 frames) over the static deer trail.

Here is the CSS section that does it:

background-size:64px 64px,100% 100%;}

Big thanks to GreatRedSpirit for his example of stacked backgrounds. See his post if you want to try animated background on your game page.


Gamepage glories

Deer, You Are Being Hunted has a brand-new game page! Fresh snow! Deer trail! Click the running deer to join the fun!

I looked up how to display snowing effect be could not get it to work. If you have some CSS expertise, feel free to share your advice.


New download

The snow patch and a few bug fixes have been merged into the main download. Enjoy!


Snow patch

During debugging, I disabled snowing effect in the game but then forgot to re-enable it in the final build.

Here is a patch that adds snowing effect and fixes a stability issue to the game. Simply replace the executable by the one from this patch.

A patch on launch day... sounds so professional !

Progress Report

Game completed

Deer, You Are Being Hunted is now completed. You can enjoy the peaceful winter deer life !
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