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Six individuals find themselves summoned into an unknown land. As they cross paths and band together, they will learn more of the land they were brought to and why they were brought there...


Each of the Five Planets within the world Vithias were given control by five different Deities. These Deities' duty was to take their given planet and shape it as they see fit. One such Deity was given the planet of Erutia to shape to their desire.

Upon transporting to Erutia, the Deity noticed that the planet had very little Etheric energy within it. It was a dying planet, and the two species that populated Erutia, which they later dubbed as the "Luvine" and "Sirin", were on the verge of extinction. The Deity granted Life and Ether to the dwindling land and granted those within it new abilities to help them evolve.

The Luvine-- a highly humanoid species-- was given control and resistance over elements such as fire and ice. The Sirin-- a similarly humanoid species save for their pointed ears-- were granted innate control over the energy to manipulate Life and Ether itself.

The ability to channel the elements and harness the energy of the wayward Wisps around them helped both species grow and thrive.

This Deity also granted a small number of beings, both Luvine and Sirin, the ability to protect mankind should the time arise. These beings are known as the “Aegis of Erutia”, and the mark on each one’s body, as well as their untapped amounts of Ether from within, is a testament to that.

That was how they decided to shape their world, and each Deity was meant to shape their world--and theirs alone-- as they willed.

Yet one such Deity desired more…

Gameplay/Features (Demo):
  • Two types of areas: Fields, which focus on seeing new monsters and exploring wide areas, and Dungeons, which focus on solving puzzles and gaining treasures.
  • You know the "colorful cast of characters" alliteration? I'd say CotO's got that.
  • High amounts of banter.
  • Fast paced battles? Well, that depends on how you play!

The current demo of CotO should take about 1 hour to complete, on average.


Mr. Bubble (https://mrbubblewand.wordpress.com/)

(Audio From)
Blue Reflection
Cross Edge
Dream of Mirror Online
Sigma Harmonics
The Alliance Alive
The Legend of Legacy
Trickster Online

(Audio - BGS)
Sound Bible

(Audio - SE)
369 (http://www.369musiq.com/)
Orange Free Sounds
Sound Bible
Zapsplat.com (Sounds from Zapsplat.com)

RPG Maker FES Resource Pack (C) Gotcha Gotcha Games Inc.

(Graphics - Tiles)
Mr Pyramid Head

Atreyo Ray
あわやまたな (Awaya_Matana)
Yoji Ojima

Latest Blog

[Devlog 3: July 2021] *Customizing sfx* *Customizing sfx*

Howdy! So, it’s the end of July… time for the next devlog!

This time, I just want to talk about what I have and have not done!

In the last log, I said that by the middle of June, I would have a video of one of the scenes+battles, recreated with the custom sprites I’d made.

That absolutely didn’t happen. Same with most of the other things I said I would do at the end of the previous log. Most plans from the last devlog are being held off to an unknown date, since I wanted to change focus.

I hadn’t realized it, but I’d gotten burnt out of character sprite making much quicker than I’d thought. Figured I’d be able to push out these battle graphics pretty quick and THEN take a break from sprites, but that happened much sooner.

In short, I felt like I wasn’t getting enough of the actual game made, and was also getting burnt out with custom character assets. I apologize for that.

Though I haven’t completely dropped asset-making for the time being.

Custom background assets are another thing entirely. These assets are something that I’m going to be working on rather slowly, since placeholders got my back until I’m ready to put these things in, but yeah! I figured I should see how making my own background assets goes...

Oh, and I DID make a short video of the progress in the Character Selection Scene, which can be found: HERE .

Now, I’ve also thought a lot about what I want the Final Demo to cover. I have an idea of what I want, and I plan to release the final demo some time next year. I can’t give an exact date, but just know that I’m lining up the Final Demo’s release to be pretty close to the full game’s release. My ideal is that the release of both will be only a few months apart.

...And I believe that’s it for this log’s updates. There wasn’t much to talk about or show upfront, but that’s mostly because I’ve been working on behind-the-scenes database stuff these past two months. Speaking of, I’ve actually held a few dev streams over the past two months. If you’re curious, that can be found: HERE.

I try to post Devlog streams at least once a month, and I always announce them on my dev twitter. I also post smaller bits of progress (like rough character dialogue) on my dev twitter. ...I would put a link here, but I already linked to it a few paragraphs ago.

...Alright, well, the end of September is the next log! I’ll be back in classes by then, so I can’t make any promises as to what will and won’t be there, but I hope to be back with some nice things to show!

‘Til next time!
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  • 02/13/2021 01:57 AM
  • 07/30/2021 06:28 PM
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Wow sounds interesting buuut I am probably waiting for the full release ^_^
Ohh thanks! It'll definitely take some a lot of time before the full release, but I'm glad to hear your interest in it! ^^
Whoa, thanks for playing CotO! Sorry I missed the stream, but I'm glad to hear you enjoyed the game!
As for the things you encountered or commented on, in order:

The sound effect that plays when using Keir's Lumin Cure was a mistake, and I've gone back and fixed it for the upcoming small update.

Nahhh Briar's not a girl. They're under the nonbinary spectrum & use they/them.

That error that closed the game is a rare one... I unfortunately don't know what causes that error yet, but I'll try to work on figuring it out.

I've fixed that tile passability error in front of the tower. Whoops.

I'm glad to hear you thought the game was calm, that's the overall vibe I wanted to go for with the music & environment.

And I'll make sure to change the HP/MP display in battle to properly show LP/EP.

Once again, thanks for playing & providing feedback. It was nice to watch! And I can't promise it'll be completed quick, buuut I'll try my best to get it completed lmao.
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