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QoL Update is Available! & Twitter Page!

  • shuruzy
  • 03/14/2021 11:46 PM

I was wondering what to call this update, but I believe this could be called a "Hyper Quality of Life" update... so that's what I'll call this!

This update does not advance the story, it simply fixes a lot of things didn't have time to look over in the Seasons Version!

So, if you've already played the Seasons version, it's definitely not necessary to play this version! Still, if you want to see what's changed, I've got a list here!:
Notable Updates:

*Enabled dashing by holding SHIFT (there is also an option to enable automatic dashing in the settings menu).

*The “Order” option has been removed from the menu.

*Added arrow indicators inside of Temple of Advancement α.

*Added an “Ailment Guidebook”, received after the “Basics of Battle” tutorial (This will tell you the specifics behind Burn, Frostbite, Daze*, and Regen).

* *Renamed Paralysis to Daze.

*Crystals will now show the Energy (currency) you currently have while being asked to be healed.

*Changed Aadrios’ second skill to “Flesh Rot” (Flesh Rot deals Blaze damage to 1 foe and has a chance to inflict Burn).

*Changed the Battle HUD graphics.

*Made a game icon.

Minor Updates:

*Added a chit-chat if you decide to walk back to where Briar woke up after Aadrios and Keir join.

*Crystals inside the Tower of Advancement now cost the correct amount of Energy (previously, the message displayed the cost as 10, but it costs 12).

*Updated some skills’ descriptions to better represent the time frame for casting and duration of effects.

*Made a few animations easier to see.

*Changed Ether Drain’s name & animation.

*Added World Map music.

*Added “Species” to Briar, Keir, and Aadrios’ info pages, as well as small blurbs about each of them.

*Made the icons of status effects inflicted on Nameir easier to see.

*Slight dialogue & enemy stat balance changes.

*Changed Bladed Will-O-Wisp’s name to Bladed Soul.

*Swapped the Flame Cryst enhancer for the Frost Cryst enhancer.

*Flame Cryst will still exist, just not in this demo.

*Changed a few treasure contents.

*Fixed passability errors.

*Fixed sound effect when using a healing skill (Lumin Cure) from the menu.

*Attempted to fix a rare error with Aadrios’ movement in the cutscene at the roof of Tower of Advancement α.

*Aadrios found melanin Briar, Keir, and Aadrios' designs have been finalized and I plan to show them by the end of the month. The sprites in this demo do not accurately reflect them, but there is a notable enough change to Aadrios' sprite in this version.

Also, I have added a twitter page link(?) to the home page! Small progress updates will be posted there.

Thanks for reading, and if you find any errors, you can let me know on here, on the dev twitter, or any other way!


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wooo surprise demo!! And aaa thanks, hope you find it enjoyable!
How did I miss you had a demo release? I'm going to check it out for sure :3
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