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[Devlog 4: September 2021] Menu's and Dialogues

  • shuruzy
  • 09/30/2021 10:11 PM
Hey! Hello! How’s everyone?

The log’s gonna be pretty short! Life, and all. Also, many things I’ve been working on aren’t... entirely devlog-friendly (lore, dialogue, story, gameplay spoilers(?), etc)...

So this time, I’ve...
*Made an in-game manual that tells you all about Status Effects, Stats, and Elements!

And maybe more if I think of anything else. Is there anything else you'd want to see in a manual like this?

*Started implementing the new main menu!
A lot of it (pretty much all of it) is placeholder images at the moment, but it should be more presentable by the next log.

*Started adding a number of small features/etc, making sure everything’s compatible with each other before I get too far ahead.

And for the future, I’ve been considering drastically changing how “Dungeons” operate. For reference, in the current two demo’s, the only Dungeon is “Tower of Advancement α”. It operates the same as the “Field” present in the demo, save for the “Dungeon Skills” and overall puzzles.

I have plans to differentiate dungeons further and to make Fields more interesting (with their own puzzles), but for now, I just wanted to quickly mention it, even if this is still in the planning phase!

And... that’s about it. Again, pretty sparse this month, though I did have a dev stream (shuruzy, on twitch) a few days ago! What I worked on there were mostly things I didn’t feel was necessary to talk about as a devlog update, like dialogue, skill, and item improvements!

Until next time!