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[Devlog 5: November 2021]: Mostly-Main-Menu-Management

  • shuruzy
  • 11/30/2021 06:06 PM
Hello! This is actually the last log of the year, huh? Well it’s been a wild year, and unfortunately, my devving took a backseat in the later half of it. So, this’ll be another shorter log.

(As always, you can also find (usually) monthly dev stream highlights on Twitch (link at end of log)! Though I did not have a stream in November 2021, I worked on sprites in October 2021’s stream).

In terms of visual stuff I can show, I basically finished up the main menu this month:

There still may be a few changes, of course.

And also made a little concept for an enemy:

You’ll encounter them in a few areas!

Other than that… I’ve done a lot of work on figuring out the items & fortes (skills) that I’m happy with, and... there’s more stuff that I can’t visually show.

Honestly, Call of the Overseer isn’t really at a point where I can show many visual things. It’s a lot of rough placeholders for the foreseeable future, especially for the environment/battle. So I can’t say what exactly the next log will bring… but that’s enough for this log!

Everyone have a great rest of the year! See ya in January!
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