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[Devlog 7: March 2022] Still devving, (temporarily) not logging

  • shuruzy
  • 03/31/2022 05:12 PM
Hello! Time for the next, and final (for now) devlog!
Nothing’s gone wrong with Call of the Overseer. I still am, and still will be, developing as I’m able.

The issue is that I don’t work fast enough to feel right posting bi-monthly devlogs at this point. Even after a year, the game is still in a very prototype’d stage. My progress is very slow, and I’ve realized the devlogs themselves had kinda started to become me working on specific things that I could show off, instead of working on things that actually needed to be worked on.

(...I feel like this is a common dev woe that I hadn’t realized until recently).

I talk about this with a little more detail in this twitter thread on my dev account *HERE*, but basically…

I’ll be temporarily stopping these bi-monthly devlogs! Apologies, but I’m just one dev who’s currently been working a bit too slowly to make consistent devlogs that I’m actually proud of. I DO want to revive bi-monthly (or even monthly) devlogs as Call of the Overseer gets into a more readied phase.

Now, on the topic of dev streams (which can be found *HERE*), I’ll probably still be doing those! Especially since the dev streams aren’t strictly developing, but also a good time to talk about other people’s games, game development, rpgmaker-related questions, and… anything really, not even just RPGM stuff.

So in conclusion: Still working on Call of the Overseer itself, there’s just gonna be a hiatus on these devlogs! Though, I’ll try to post more on my dev account with that in mind. Maybe some in-engine things here-and-there… an enemy or two… other character concepts… who knows!

With that, I’ll see you all next log, whenever that may be!