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Action RPG made in RPG Maker MZ.

Now also playable in a browser HERE!

The land is dying. The approaching winter would be enough cause for concern, but along with it, numerous monsters roam the land. The corruption seeps into the very soil, poisoning trees and leaving them bare and lifeless.

Armed with your trusty bow and sword, you set out to end this crisis once and for all. You must travel into dangerous territories to discover the source of this evil and defeat it before it's too late.

Under the Hunter's Moon is a simple action RPG. Enemies roam the map and give out gold and XP when defeated. The bow needs to be drawn before you can let loose the arrow, so you need to consider your movements carefuly.

Credits are additionally also available as a separate download.

Plugins Used:

HUD Maker Ultra by SRDude - Website: http://sumrndm.site/

Thanks to SRDude for his amazing plugin!

Galv's Diagonal Movement MZ by Galv

Website: https://galvs-scripts.com

Thanks to Galv for his amazing plugin!


Move with arrow keys.

Press Esc to access the menu.

Press Enter or Space to interact with NPCs and objects.

Hold Shift to run (limited by Stamina Points)

Hold Q or Y to draw the bow and fire arrows.

Press A to instantly fire an arrow (at the cost of Energy Points).

Press D or C to attack with sword (at the cost of Energy Points).

Hold W, S or X to lock your direction.

Hold E, F, V or Ctrl to turn without moving.

Latest Blog

Under The Hunter's Moon Has Been Released!

Version 1.0 of Under The Hunter's Moon has been released!
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