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Some creepy presence lurks deep in the snowy mountains. Locals have been living a series of strange abductions, but none of them were brave enough to do anything. Until the day our main protagonist lost his dog.

Powered by little more than his fists, he's determined to break through the frozen wastes into the heart of the forest just to get his best friend back.

Defeat every enemy and solve every puzzle cutting your way in this short-lenghtened RPG.


  • An action command-based system that allows the player to enhace the power of their skills and to evade enemy attacks by performing the right actions.

  • Mashes classic pixel art with digitalized pictures of clay made models for a unique art style.

  • Linear progress with an open map design, made to emphasize the exploration feel.​

  • ~2 hours and a half of gameplay (this may change once the game's out)

  • A dreadful feeling of loneliness that slowly devours anything crossing its path just to leave an empty husk.​

  • Cute ducks.

Once the game is complete you'll be able to purchase it on itch.io: https://ikoru.itch.io/abdogtion

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