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Patch 1.3 is out! Bugfixes and new pins.

What's changed?

-Some warps to the cave wouldn't add the right light effects.

-Some pins were tweaked

-Counterattack++ name was changed to Super Counter.

-Some new pins were introduced.

-Some SFX were changed.

-A new Splash intro was added.

If you want to keep your save data into this new version follow the next steps:

1. Extract the game.

2. Move the .rvdata2 files into the new folder.

3. Play.


Patch v1.2 is out! Fixes and difficulty tweaks.

This are the changes:

-Some improvements were made to the English translation.

-Cave exits are now easier to identificate.

-Mosquitoes are now less annoying (mechanically, at least)

-Elemental table became a bit easier to understand.

-Stronger enemies got distinctive overworld sprites.

-Some enemy attacks have more evade frames.

-Some enemies have lower stats.

-Items usage has now priority over any enemy attack.

-Game version now shows in the title screen.

-Some pins now require less PTS to be used.

If you want to upgrade your game version follow the instructions:

1. Extract the game.

2. Make sure you are not inside the caves (it could trap your character inside)

3. Move the .rvdata2 files into the new folder.

4. Play.

Progress Report

Patch v1.1 is out! Adding an antilag and fixing bugs/exploits.

Patch notes:

-Fixed a small softlock.

-Added an Anti-lag.

-Some battle text wasn't showing properly.

-Some battles led to the wrong Game Over screen.

-Fixed an exploit that led players to cheat through timed hit commands.


Abdogtion is out. And it's FREE!

Abdogtion finally reaches its launch. There's not much left to do apart from probably patching some bugs and possible mistranslations (I'm not a native English speaker)

I'm not sure on how much people will end up playing the game, and though it probably won't be much I've gotta say I'm pretty proud of it. This is my first project and my personal tribute to RPG Maker games.

Sincerely, Cris.


Trailer reveal and final release date.

After four months of (mostly) hard work Abdogtion has a release date and will be out pretty soon.

Progress Report

Developement update and definitive intro cutscene.

Hello everyone, I've come to bring a bit of information on my game. Not sure on how much people will dive deep enough to reach this blog, but I've gotta do what I've gotta do.

I've been working on Abdogtion since November past year, it may look like an excessive amount of time for a 2-3 hour long game (because it is), but I really want to create something fun and unique. I've been fighting with procrastination and overgrowing ambition for the whole time and now I can say I'm really close to release the final product.

At this point, the only thing Abdogtion lacks is polishing, bug testing and some songs that match the game's tone. I'll post a trailer with a release date pretty soon.

Also, I've been thinking for a long time whether to make the game commercial or not but I haven't reached a conclusion yet.

And just like the title says, here's the intro.

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