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It was the year 1225, Month of Fire, Day 3.

Somewhere in the country known as Isante - on a world known as Olan - there was a giant tower which - as the legends foretold - was built by the Gods themselves. This story came to be known as 'The Legend of The Tower'.

Apparently, at the top of the tower, there existed a divine artifact that was supposed to grant whoever found it first any wish that they desired.

Many treasure hunters and adventurers tried to climb to the top of the tower to receive the divine artifact. However, it wasn't as simple as climbing floor after floor .... to make sure only someone truly worthy would make it to the summit, the Gods placed scattered 'Guardians' throughout
the tower - also known as monsters.

Each floor of the tower became more and more difficult .... In 500 years, the highest anyone had ever climbed was Floor 150 ......

Latest Blog

Time Management Mechanics

Hi there everyone !! I just wanted to share some news about one of the game mechanics that this game uses - a 'Time Management System'.

When the main character is in a town or village, time will pass - for every second in real time, the in game time will progress by a minute. Also, doing certain things will progress the time by certain amounts. Certain milestones in the game's plot must be completed within a specific time limit, (don't worry though, the time limits aren't all that strict) so you'll need to plan your actions in advance.

Also, all of the shops and NPCs run on a time schedule - shops will only be open at certain times on certain days and NPCs may move around depending on what time / day it is.

Ok, that's all for now ..... look out for more updates on this game soon !!!
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