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Dating Sim Elements - depending on which gender you choose in the game, certain characters can be romanced.

Time Mechanics - thein game time is always ticking ..... certain NPCS (and even your fellow party members) will run on a schedule !!

CDS engine - the games story is effected by the CDS (Choice Driven Story) engine .... at certain points in the story, you will be required to make choices which will cause the story to branch off in different paths.

Jobs - killing monsters and looting dungeons won't be the only ways to make money ..... there will be various jobs that you can do in order to make some scratch.

Lots of Quests - There will be lots of quests available for you to do, including ones given to you by your fellow party members.

Skill Learn System - earn skill points to unlock new skills and even new character classes !!

Crafting - use the loot you collect in dungeons to make unique items.