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Hello everybody!

I present a small game based on the X-Tech engine with the A2XT content pack made by the Talkhaus community (visit their forum here http://talkhaus.raocow.com).

It's a remix of old SMBX episodes such as "The Invasion 1", brought to the A2XT universe!

The Story:
Five friends (Demo, her sister Iris, their Earthling friend Raocow, Kood, and Sheath) got suddenly warped into a weird and dark place. A Voice instructs them to find a door that leads into a big world whose inhabitants are in huge trouble: The evil Mr. Hell desires to take over the whole world and sent his army of various creatures and spirits to attack everyone. The locals ask our friends to help them defeat Mr. Hell and save their world from his malice.

The Characters:

Demo, an armless cycloptic demon, alien minion, and command center operator.

Demo's sister Iris, with her pet llamas. She likes to call them Catnips.

Kood, a high-ranking intergalactic freedom fighter.

Demo's Earth friend Samuel, or Raocow, as we like to call him.

Sheath - an energetic teenager with a small brain and even smaller attention span.

Enjoy the game! ;-)

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