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This is a tribute to OHRRPGCE game engine community, aimed to recreate the aesthetics surrounding amateur game development 20 years ago - a low-res adventure game with minimal exploration, it was also created adhering to original engine capabilities as of 1998 - maximum of four maps, no scripting and other limits.

The story is set in barren wastelands of dying world, where all society divided onto three separate fractions - animals/furries, humans and arcane alien beings, each attracted to their "power core". Nameless hero, summoned by the Tunekeeper, must undo the stagnation and free three power cores to let Universe begin anew.

In the text file within the game's folder you can find a key to decipher special messages from each character(symbolic font is inspired by Hyper Light Drifter alphabet).

Soundtrack features edits of MIDI songs provided within default files of OHRRPGCE game engine build, such as Green Sleeves, Serenade(Schubert), De Cold cold Night and such.

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