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What started out as a joke about not being able to find an artist has lead to the creation of Legend of Stick Man. Stick Man - The hero, becomes dragged into any and every possible situation on his quest to save the world. It opens in a modern day time period where Stick Man takes part in a time travel experiment to evade evil Librarians.

In the past Stick Man must figure out how to save the world from a Dark Wizard bent on recreating the world in his image. On his journey he will come across MANY strange things. Other dimensions or worlds, magic, and mysteries. He will even come across an impossibly GIANT sword which supposedly is the key to stopping the evil...

Can you survive the perils of monsters, other worlds, and bad art? (That last one perhaps being the biggest challenge.) Get ready for jokes galore in...

Legend of Stick Man

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Working on Stickman's House and the main world - many things to do yet to make a world to explore.... However... here is a video.
Demo Video - Actual Playthrough will vary as changes are made / areas improved or tweaked etc.

Ok I fixed Stick Man's bed being way too long. LOL I JUST NOW NOTICED.
Guardian of the Description Thread
Minus the "url" wrapper, your youtube link should look like...



Modified opening sequence and did some work on Stick Man's House so far today. (Keep in mind fine tuning graphical overlaps is secondary right now to getting more sections complete on my to do list.)

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