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This is a full-length Fire Emblem clone created in SRPG Studio, intended to give players a small taste of the engine's capabilities.

The kingdom of Rema on the continent of Sanctaea is facing a growing famine. Cato, its king, has his younger brother Claudius help him conquer the other kingdoms and take their food and supplies by force after being refused aid by their kings. Meanwhile, Carol, last of Rema's original royal family, has her home in the kingdom of Ferenca attacked by a usurper of the Ferencan throne and finds herself caught up in Rema's war for sustenance.

Claudius and Carol both grow to question Cato's violent methods of preserving Rema and band together with their friends to seek another way, embarking on a journey all over the continent to find answers while simultaneously fighting off Cato's forces and other threats.

Notable features:

  • Single RNG (this is what SRPG Studio’s engine uses)

  • The Weapon Triangle (Swords, Lances, Axes), which grants Accuracy ±15

  • The Trinity of Magic (Light, Anima, Dark), which grants Attack ±3 and Accuracy ±15

  • Bonus EXP (like in Radiant Dawn)

  • C-S Rank Supports, but no Child Units, so don’t worry about pairing everyone off; Support building is also purely deployment-based

  • AS = Spd - Wt (you need 5 more AS than your opponent for follow-up attacks)

  • A route split

Planned additions:
  • Improved presentation (halfbody portrait system, new music, new class and map graphics depending on how MarkyJoe’s community asset project comes along)

  • Limited mid-chapter saving

  • Additional difficulty settings (if demand is high enough)

Spreadsheets (all subject to change):

Important Links:
Dropbox link (v4.0.1)
Discord server
Character popularity poll
Instruction manual

Known Issues:
  • Units’ Staff ranges are visible if they’re hovered over, but aren’t taken into account for enemies when highlighting enemy ranges

  • Enemies may behave erratically after being refreshed by Dancers

  • Weapon Rank increase messages may display at the wrong time if battles are skipped

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