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Progress Report

1/7/22 - Progress Report

It's been a rough week, I hope you're doing alright! Make this weekend a good one.


Progress Report

1/1/2022 - New Version + Update

Link: https://reinarc.itch.io/sempiternal/devlog/330849/112022-new-version-update

Hoping everyone has a blessed 2022! My vacation is almost over, but I'm glad I got it in the first place!

Progress Report

12/28/21 - Part 2 Progress #1

Just doing a quick update on how part 2 is going. I'm currently trying to finish a web development course, so it's slow but steady! In the city of Hrelda, there will be a battle arena. This is purely side content, but it will offer some real world competition (depending on how many people participate, haha).

As you participate in the battle arena, you will accumulate points by doing certain things (aggravate element, defending certain hits, how fast you finish, highest damage dealt, etc). This will be available for you to see in your game. However, on the points board I will update whoever has the highest points in anyone's game. All you have to do is snap a screenshot and email/message me. Every time I update the game, I will update the board.

There will be rules and modifiers in most matchups, as you can see from the pictures. I'm excited to implement this!

See images at: Sempiternal Blog 12/28/21


12/27/21 - Alchemy and Combat Adjustments

Hey there! I would love to get some help with balance testing on my newest version! Right now I'm thrilled with the new mechanics I've introduced, as well as some of the changes. But I want to make sure the balance feels just right, especially since I've made number adjustments in order to future-proof the game.

I have two difficulties: normal and hard.

Normal should require some thought on bosses, but generally will be a more casual play (this is what I would play on if I didn't make the game ^_^)

Hard is for the more tactical minded. Normal enemies should require strategy, chain battles and bosses a solid plan and synergy with your ability layout. But it shouldn't be frustrating or impossible.

Naturally, because of how much was changed I'm expecting a bug or two (or three :| ) to have slipped by my play testing. Thanks for your help!

Change Log 12/25


Was having some extreme animation lag on Windows 11 (with a gaming laptop, no less). I went into display settings and changed the display "scale" to 100% (it was set at 150%) and this cleared up my lag immediately. Weird. RPG Maker is behaves strange with animations (to me anyway).


  • ATK/MAG reduced and DEF/MDF of all enemies raised. HP reduced for allies and enemies. This is to future proof the game and prevent numbers from escalating too high later on.

  • The level that alter skills unlock has been spaced out slightly. This was done because there are too many upgrades that come too quickly.

  • Divine Star now rezzes at 10% HP, down from 50%. However, it will give the ressurected ally invincibility until they act again. This is to prevent frustrating instances of rez'd characters getting immediately killed. Future boss mechanics may be able to circumvent this state.

  • Wither from Manual: Warrior FP cost reduced from 5 FP to 3. Turn knockback reduced from 2 to 1.

  • Exp gained from monsters after the introduction increased by 10%.

  • Alter crystal moved from Deep Woods to Tella Forest, with reset monsters option after you complete the quest(should you want to grind for hard mode).

  • You can now activate the Regulator with the R button in dungeons (if interactables exist, R will pull up a choice menu).

  • Footstep coding more optimized (and when disabled can improve performance slightly).

  • Standard attacks across the board have been nerfed.

  • Small bonus to money earned has been added to chain battles.

  • Burn damage (and all damage over time) can now kill.


  • Kara has lost the ability to equip manuals and the Motivate ability.

  • In it's place, she will be able to use the Tactic "Alchemy." Alchemy costs 3 FP, does not consume a turn, and let's Kara mix items together or enhance certain items. The effects of this mixing vary from item to item.

  • Kara no longer has passive abilities. Her passive button will now show item mixtures.

  • Using items with Kara will restore 1 FP to her.


  • Crusade changed slightly, adding an additional FP when attacking light exposed targets.

  • Mighty Guard changed. Now, switches out Brace for Bulwark, a stronger guard status that will take damage for low HP allies. This passive reduces Aarlin's strength and magic by 20%. This passive can't be accessed in the demo.

  • Frigid Strike and Sweeping Strikes positions on the Alter board has been switched.

  • Motivate is an Aarlin exclusive ability now. FP cost reduced to 1, and now causes an ally to act immediately.

Progress Report

12/23/21 - Quinten Update and Bug Fixes

I'm having some issues getting my blog formatted here, so for the moment I will just link to my itch.io.

Newest Blog Update


12/20/21 - Game Relaunch

Hello, everyone! I'm happy to announce the relaunch of the game! It has a brand new introduction, a revamped story, and a lot of tweaked and brand new mechanics (including a normal and hard mode!) I hope you enjoy it. Reach out to me with any feedback or bug reports. I will be taking a week or so off, and then I'm super excited to start working on part 2!



All of the information I provided here is extremely outdated. Please see the new and updated blog post! :)
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