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A world blanketed by endless snow...

A world at war...

A world terrorised by bandits...

And the destroyer, the ancient evil known as the Black Knight...

He will return.

A combat-less RPG, more of an adventure game/visual novel than a JRPG type game.

Experience the story from the POV of more than 3 characters.

Each character will have choices to make, choices which could ultimately effect the fate of the world (or rather which of 5 endings you will get).

A remake/reimagining of the Learson games I started back in 2014. A lot more streamlined experience, expect around 3-4 hours of content.

Latest Blog

The Steam page for Three Sons is now live!

The link is here https://store.steampowered.com/app/1871670/Three_Sons/

If you are interested you'd be doing me a huge favour if you wishlisted it!

Any feedback on the steam page would also be greatly appreciated