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In times long past the land was ravaged by the one known as the Black Knight.

God himself descended to the land and took on a human form that would be called Deus. He sacrificed his life to rid the land of the cursed Black Knight. Ever since that day the world began to rot away.

It was this day that the snow began.

It is said that Deus will return to the land one day, the dying world will heal and there will be peace. But others say that it is the Black Knight who will return.

You never used to take much notice of these kinds of stories but now... now you think there might be something to them.

Why the change of heart? Well that's simple. You've realised the truth that was hidden deep down in some dark part of your mind.

You are the Black Knight.


A remake of the project I started back in 2014, of which four chapters were released. Now with custom graphics and music. The story has been changed rather drastically, entire threads deleted to make a more coherent streamlined narrative. No combat. No gameplay. More of a visual novel than an RPG. You will unravel the story through the perspective of different characters, at times they will face choices. How you play these characters will ultimately determine which of five ending chapters will be unlocked.

The game will be much shorter than the previous entries in the series, probably less than a single chapter of the original games. But the story will be complete in one package, no more chapters. Hopefully also being a lot more focused and engaging.

A demo will likely be available around April. The completed game hopefully later in the year.

Hoping to make this a commercial product, not anything ridiculous probably only a few quid. Always was my intention when I started however I was never satisfied with the older games to even consider the notion of charging anything for them. This version however I feel is of a much higher quality.

Latest Blog

Name change and video

I did intend on releasing a demo of this back in April but that didn't happen. The way I'm working on it at the moment the earlier portions have been a bit neglected so wasn't really in a state to release. So I decided to release a video of the start instead.

I've also changed the name, no real reason I was just never happy with the old name, it was just the name of a character who's barely in it.